Thursday, February 13, 2020

Quick Valentine's Note Cards: 3 Ways by Mansi Bhatia

Hello everyone! I know there are many of you like me who are last minute crafters. So with Valentine's Day right around the corner, I wanted to share three very quick ways of getting some love notes done for those special people in your life. Greeting cards are the norm, so why not do something different? You can write a sentimental message on the back of the note card, invite a special someone out for lunch or a cup of coffee, or even stick a gift card into the envelope along with the handmade note card!

Who says last minute crafts can't be awesome? Here, let me help you pull it off in style!

First way: Get Your Fingers Messy
Spread paint around with your fingers. Don't worry about a specific way of doing it. Just enjoy the sensory experience. Add some textural elements and stencils. Use deli paper (or parchment paper) to keep the backside of the note card clean. Pull a print. Or two. Set aside.

Second (Traditional) Way: Use Your Brayer

Spread out the paint in a thin layer with your brayer and pull a base print. Add another layer of paint and add some stencils to create layers of designs. Pull prints.

Repeat the process until you're happy with the layers and colors. I used my homemade wooden stamps in this one to include some XOXO and heart symbols. Set aside.

Third way: Use Distress Inks

Apply distress inks with a brush directly on to the gel plate. It will look like there isn't much, but wait 'till you pull a print. Less is more in this case. The prints you pull will be soft and delicate unlike what you achieve if you were to use distress inks directly on paper.

Use stencils and stamps as you would with acrylic paints. Using distress ink is the fastest way of making creative, one-of-a-kind backgrounds. You can see the difference when you apply distress inks directly on paper versus when you pull a print from the gel plate.

Next up, I embellish the note cards with pencil colors, die cuts of previous monoprints that I have lying around, stickers and paint pens. I also made matching envelopes. You can get really creative and go to town with embellishments or keep it simple if you're in a time crunch.

I have a couple of bags filled with die cuts from previous gel plate prints. I usually go through that stash to find coordinating pieces when I am pressed for time.

I did end up getting the backs of notecards a bit messy so I used double-sided tape to stick on a blank notecard. It also makes the notecards sturdier.

This was a quick project with some very satisfying and different looking results. Let us know in the comments which technique was your favorite!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Monday, February 10, 2020

Scrapbook Album for Valentine's Day by Mariví González

Today we are sharing with you a collaboration project from Miss Mama Mint, a wonderful scrapbooking and mixed media brand from Spain. Be sure to look out for more collaboration projects from Gelli Arts® + Miss Mama Mint in March! 

Valentine's day is coming up and i'm sure you want to surprise your loved one with a special gift! What better gift than one that you made yourself. This beautiful album is the perfect idea to save all of those photos of unforgettable moments that you have made together.

So let's get down to making the album. It's super easy, just follow my step by steps below! 

For this project, I used products from the Natura collection by Miss Mama Mint and my Gelli Arts® gel printing plate.

I also used Deco Art Americana premium acrylic paints. I chose the colors that went best with the Natura collection, but you can use the colors you like best, or the ones that go best with the paper you are using.

Step by Step:

1. Cut an A4 sheet in half. Draw a heart that occupies as much of the half sheet as possible. Cut the heart out. That will be the template for the entire album.

Trace the heart on a piece of cardboard two times and cut it out with an X-Acto knife or scissors. 

2. With the same heart template, cut 2 hearts from each sheet of the scrapbooking papers. Reserve 3 sheets of paper to cover the album covers. 

With those 3 sheets, we lined the front and back cover that we had cut from the cardboard.

3. With the Gelli® plate, we will print on the back of the cut out hearts. The Miss Mama Mint papers are blank on one side so I decorated it by gel printing with acrylic paint and Miss Mama Mint stencils.

4-. Once I finished decorating the album sheets, I bound the album with a spiral using a cinch.

To decorate the interior of the album, I used some diecuts and seals from the Miss Mama Mint Natura collection. 

Here are some of the pages I made:

5. To decorate the album cover, I use vellum paper, diecuts, and stickers from Miss Mama Mint.

Once you finish decorating, you're done! All you have left to do is put your photos and memories inside.

If you want to view the tutorial step by step, watch my video below. I have English subtitles so you can follow along easily. 

I hope you like my work, and if so, do not forget to leave me a comment and give me a like. See you in the next tutorial!

- Mariví


Thursday, February 6, 2020

Gelli Arts® Valentine's Cards with the Printmaking Starter Kit by Marsha Valk

Hi there! It's Marsha here today sharing Valentine's cards and tags!

Plus- read to the end to learn how you can enter to win our Valentine's Day giveaway!

The Gelli Arts® Printmaking Starter Kit won the Creative Impulse Award for Creative Kit of 2020 at Creativeworld in Frankfurt.

It's one of three new kits we offer that include everything you need to create a fun gel printing project.

Each one comes with full instructions, so they make great starter kits for anyone new to gel printing.

The Printmaking Starter Kit has full instructions to gel print on the tags included in the kit. However, the tags can also act as a super cool texture tool!

Watch me create a bunch of Valentine's cards with the contents of The Printmaking Starter Kit, and i'll show you exactly what I mean!

I chose to work with a Valentine's themed colour palette instead of using the paints included in the Kit.

The paint in the kit is more than enough to gel print tags as well as notecards though, and i'm saving it for another project!

Parchment paper is a thin translucent paper that you can use to blot excess paint from your Gelli® plate.

I like to use it to cut temporary stencils and masks. It's also perfect collage material, so don't just throw it away: use it to gel print on, and then paste it onto your artworks!

Please share what you've made with the Printmaker Starting Kit on Instagram using #gelliarts and @GelliArts - we love seeing your creations!

Happy printing!


Gelli Arts® Printmaking Starter Kit

Permanent Pen
Acrylic Paint (I used Liquitex)
Folded Notecards (4.5")
Repositionable adhesive dot roller

Sari Ribbon (Sara's Saris by Sara Ferret)


Giveaway time! 

We are giving away a Printmaking Starter Kit + red and white acrylic paint to one lucky winner!

To enter: leave a comment on this blog post and we will randomly draw a winnerDeadline is Monday, February 10, 2020 11:59PM ET. Good luck!

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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Venetian Mask with Crystal Colors by Giovanna Zara

Hello, Giovanna here! Lately, Crystal Colours are all the rage. They are little bottles containing colourful powders that react with water creating a burst of color perfect to create one of a kind backgrounds. You can even use them as watercolours. 

There are several kinds of crystal colours on the market, from basic ones to ones containing mica powder or even walnut crystal to get a more vintage look. The vibrant pigments work perfectly with the Gelli Arts® plate! In this video I show you how to use them on parchment paper and, with the prints I got, I gave a new look to a couple of blank carnival masks. Right on time to celebrate the wonderful Venetian Carnival!

Note: please wear gloves when working with crystal colours. 

Watch my video and create along with me!

Step by step tutorial:

Roll out a small bit on the diamond mini Gelli® plate, and then pour and roll out the crystal colour on top of that.

Flip over the mini plate and print on the parchment paper.

Repeat with a darker shade or contrasting colour, then lay a stencil on the previous print and print over that. Repeat this process until you fill the whole parchment sheet. I created monochromatic print pages, but you can use different colours on the same page.

Make several of these prints with different shades.

Now to decorate the mask: first, tear the gel printed parchment paper.

Brush gel medium over the mask and adhere the parchment paper strips to the mask.

Cover the whole mask and set aside to dry. When dry, trim the excess paper off and embellish with rhinestones, feathers, lace, 3D pens, etc.

Now your mask is finished!

- DecoArt Americana Premium gel medium (matte or glossy)
- Crystal Colours (Pixie, Infusions, Brusho, Magical Shaker, Shimmer Powders)
- Mandala Stencils by GiogioCraft

Be sure to share your #GelliArtsMade creations with us by tagging @GelliArts ! Happy Printing!


Thursday, January 23, 2020

Personalized Photo Printing with Gelli Arts® by Jo Lawson

Greetings Gelli Arts® creators! Jo Lawson here with my favorite gel printing technique, with a new twist. As you might know, one of my favorite ways to use the gel plate is with magazines to create image transfers. Now, I have figured out a way to use my own photos!

Here is my creative process......


January and February are FULL of celebrations and birthdays in my life. So many of my friends and family love my art, especially the image transfers I create using magazines, so I wanted to find a way to make them more personal and use them as one-of-a-kind gifts. Everyone loves a personal photo, and I wanted mine to be a little extra and something truly special that I would love to create. 

So the research began...

The first thing I had to figure out was what type of paper on which to print my photos and where I could find it. With a quick Google search, I discovered that Vogue magazine (one of the best I have found to create gel prints from) uses M-real's Galerie Fine Gloss 80gsm paper. Now, this can be ordered in bulk from the website... however it is mainly sourced to large companies that print brochures, magazines, etc. I set out to find an alternative that would better suit my needs (and wallet) and found an article citing Xerox Bold Digital printing paper (glossy brochure paper). I ordered a ream and set to work. 

With the right paper in hand, a LaserJet printer (I have a Brother), high viscosity Liquitex® paints, and my gel printing supplies, I finally had all the tools necessary to make this dream a reality. Come on this journey with me and explore all the possibilities this process holds. Use this tutorial as a guide and then make it your own! Get creative!

For a list of all products used in this project, please see the materials section at the end of the post.
Personalizing your image transfer prints...


For the best instructions, please view the video tutorial above. Below are a few extra tips. 

1. Start by picking out a few photos you want to turn into gel prints. Just like when printing with magazines, look for images that have:
● strong focal points
● simple backgrounds
● high contrast

2. Once you have chosen your images, convert them to black and white using whatever photo editing software you have and prefer. 

3. Adjust the contrast and exposure of each photo if necessary.

4. Print photos on brochure paper using a LaserJet printer.

5. Bust out your favorite Gelli Arts® gel plates!

6. Apply high viscosity Liquitex® paint to gel plate. Try to get an even layer of paint- not too thin, not too thick. The balance is important with this type of image transfer. Perseverance is key: if at first you don't succeed, try try again! Stick with it and try not to get frustrated. It takes practice.

7. Place your image, face down, on the paint and burnish.

8. Lift (image should be a "ghost" print on the plate) and remove any undesired paint on the edges of print. 

Note: if there is only paint and no image, you used too much paint. If there is no paint and no image, you did not use enough paint.

9. Immediately print with cardstock or paper of your choice. BURNISH!

10. Voila! Add embellishments around the edge of the print to make it special. Perhaps use your favorite stencil and inks, like me!


The end result is amazing! All my loved ones immortalized in gel prints!
To make these truly gift worthy, find a nice frame with a mat and finish them off. Anyone would LOVE to receive these personalized, one of a kind gifts on their birthday or for any celebration. 

  • Gelli Arts® 8 x 10” printing plate
  • Gelli Arts® 4" Roller
  • Xerox Bold Digital printing paper (brochure paper)
  • Liquitex® Basics acrylic paints (high viscosity works best)
  • scissors/cutting tool
  • laser jet printer
  • frame with mat
  • personal photos
  • photo editing software
  • various stencils

Happy Photo Printing!

If you tried this technique, be sure to share with us @GelliArts and #GelliArts !

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