Thursday, June 14, 2018

Gelli Arts® Birch Tree Prints by Tania Ahmed

Today, I am thrilled and honored to be on the Gelli Arts® Blog as part of the Artist Team! I am sharing a project on how you can create birch tree inspired art. I had seen some artists create fantasy birch tree art and I decided to recreate these, but with Gelli Arts® Printing Plates! I had so much fun creating these prints and I love that they make a beautifully finished project that I can use to give away as gifts or decorate with at home.

There are two ways you can create your backgrounds: you can either apply your tape to your Gelli® Printing Plate or to your card stock. The video tutorial shows both ways. For all products used for this project, please see the materials list at the end of the post.

Step 1:
Mask off your “tree trunk” and branches with washi tape or low tack tape. You can angle them or even overlap them to make your scene look interesting.

Step 2:
Apply Cosmic Blue and Deep Jungle Gelli Arts® Premium Acrylic Paint with your roller. You can use any color in your background, I used blues and greens to give the effect of a sky and a green forest.

Step 3:
Place your stencil on top of your painted Gelli® Printing Plate. I find that stencils with open spaces work best.

Step 4:
Lift some of the paint through the stencil with Gelli Arts® Parchment Paper. You can also use this paper to clean your roller in between prints. I like using these clean off papers in collages.

Step 5:
Before taking a print, make sure to remove your tape from the Gelli® Printing Plate.

Step 6:
Pull your print and you will see that you are left with white space where your tree trunks and branches will appear!

Step 7:
Practice creating the swipes with the straight edge from one of the Gelli Arts® Mini Printing Tools. Swipe Gelli Arts® Jet Black Premium Acrylic Paint lightly and at an angle to partially paint the tree trunks and branches. If you think that you are getting too much paint on your project, dab off some of the paint from the tool.

Step 8:
Use the textured edges of the combs from the Gelli Arts® Mini Printing Tools to add more irregular paint swipes.

Step 9:
I added my finished prints to some card bases with double sided tape and mounted one of the prints to an inexpensive picture frame.

Gelli Arts® Premium Acrylic Paint Set - Classic Colors (Cosmic Blue, Deep Jungle, Snowbound, Jet Black)
6" x 6" Gelli® Printing Plate
Gelli Arts® Parchment Paper
Gelli Arts® 4” roller
Gelli Arts® Mini Printing Tools - Set of 3

Double Sided Tape
White Card Stock
Low Tack Masking Tape and/or Washi Tape

Picture Frame
Black Card Stock

© 2018 by Gelli Arts®, LLC Philadelphia, PA
All rights reserved.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Gel Printing with the Gelli Arts® Feather Printing Kit

Hi there! It’s Marsha here today sharing a fun project you can do with the Gelli Arts® Feather Printing Kit.

The Feather Printing Kit contains everything you need for gel printing: a 5x5” Gelli Arts® printing plate, 3 bottles of Gelli Arts® Premium Acrylic Paint, a 4” roller, 8 white feathers, a three-sided Gelli Arts® mini comb, 12 pieces of 5x5” parchment paper, bubble wrap, yarn and punchinella.

The white feathers in the kit are perfect for gel printing on, but have you ever tried to use feathers as a texture tool? The results are stunning and super detailed. Let me show you!

Step 1
Place your Gelli Arts® printing plate on a smooth flat surface. I’m using the mylar sheet with 1” grid that comes with the new 9" x 12" Gelli Arts® gel printing plate underneath.

Take a sheet of paper (I’m using A5 sized paper, which is 5.83” x 8.27”) and tape it to the surface on one side to create a hinge. This will make aligning the paper easier because the sheet can’t move in between prints.

Step 2
Roll a drop of acrylic paint onto the Gelli Arts® printing plate with the roller. You can use more than one color if you like!

Step 3
Use the three-sided Gelli Arts® mini comb or press the bubble wrap, yarn, or punchinella into the paint to create texture. Or leave the paint as is for a solid colored background print.

Step 4
Place the paper on the Gelli Arts® printing plate and print the first layer.

Step 5
Roll a layer of contrasting color onto the plate with the roller.

Step 6
Take one or two feathers and ruffle them a bit.

Place them on top of the painted plate and pull a second print on top of the previously printed layer.

Step 7
Remove the feathers and pull a third print on top of the previously printed layers.

You can use the feathers over and over again. Just make sure that the paint on the feather is dry before using it for another print otherwise it might stick to your paper.

Step 8
I decided to create cards with my feather prints.

I splattered a contrasting color onto each print and left them to dry. Then I trimmed the prints to fit 14,5 cm square notecards (this is approximately 5.75”) and machine stitched a border around the prints before I adhered them to the front of the notecards with double-sided tape.

Enjoy gel printing with Gelli Arts® and feathers!

Gelli Arts®:
Gelli Arts® Feather Printing Kit
Gelli Arts® Premium Acrylic Paint (Freshwater, Jet Black, Mixed Berries, Snowbound, Sunbeam)

Paper (A5 size: 5.83” x 8.27”)

Paint markers
Sewing machine and thread
Notecards (14,5 x 14,5 cm: approximately 5.75” x 5.75”)
Double-sided adhesive

Thursday, May 31, 2018

DIY Sleeve Protectors and Apron with Gelli Arts® by Giovanna Zara

Hello! Giovanna here with my first post as a Gelli Arts® artist. Did you know that Gelli Arts®  can help you be fashionable? Do you want to protect your clothes while creating, at home or during a workshop, in style? 

This is a super easy project to make -- and the result is stunning!  

There is a huge surprise for you at the end of this post!

Start with two pieces of white cotton 42 x 32 cm (16.5 x 12.6'') size. I used an old sheet.

Put some drops of acrylic paint on the Gelli Arts® 4’’ Round plate and spread the paint evenly with a brayer.

Lay your favorite stencil over the plate, cover it with the cotton fabric and press lightly on the fabric with your hands.

Remove the stencil and use the Gelli® plate as stamp on the fabric, creating a ghost print.

Repeat until the fabric is filled up with colors and patterns and you are happy with the result.

Take an elastic band slightly larger than your wrist and put a safety pin on one edge.

Sew the painted fabric along the short side leaving an opening large enough for the elastic band to go through.

Slip the elastic cord inside the opening.  Make sure to hold onto the elastic at both ends and sew along the longest side. And…. doneeee!!

So fun and easy to do!

To decorate the apron use some scraps of white fabric: create some circles and ovals using the mini oval Gelli Arts® plate with the same technique explained for the protector sleeves. This time cut out the circles and ovals, and cut them in half.

Pin them to the apron and sew them using a decorative stitch like a zig zag.

Tip: If you’d like to wash the protector sleeves and/or the apron add some fabric medium to the acrylic paints, and iron the painted fabric.

And to celebrate my first Gelli Arts® blog here's a GIVEAWAYYY!!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Gelli Arts® Mini Set - Oval, Rectangle, and Hexagon
Gelli Arts® 4’’ Round plate
Gelli Arts® Premium Acrylic Paint Set - Bright Colors
Gelli Arts® Premium Acrylic Paint Set - Classic Colors
Gelli Arts® 4” roller
Gelli Arts® Apron
White cotton fabric
Elastic band

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All rights reserved.

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