Thursday, December 12, 2019

Holiday Angels with Gelli Arts® by Alexa Doebler

Hey everyone, Alexa here! I had tons of fun using my Gelli®️ plate on some 3D paper mache cones & creating some angels for some fun holiday decor. I used bright, fun colors & some cutie stamps I designed to make these sweet patchwork style gals. Check them out below!

Create these by grabbing your Gelli Arts®️ mini printing plates & some paper mache cones. Paint the cones white.

Add paint to your plate. Use stencils or your Gelli Arts®️ Printing Tool Combs to create interest & texture. Then just roll the cone over the plate.

Using your roll off scrap paper, cut out wings, a halo & a sentiment circle. Stamp or draw a face on white paper.

Then assemble the angels- and ta-da! 

You could also make these into super cute trees with a funky star on top. 

Thanks for stopping by! We'd love to see if you make some patchwork angels, trees, ornaments or other festive decor, so be sure to tag us @GelliArts and #GelliArts in your social media posts!



Monday, December 9, 2019

Collaborative Kid's Project for Schools, Art Clubs, Scouts & Parties by Helen O'Hara

Hello! It’s Helen O’Hara here with a great collaborative project for schools, art clubs, Scouts and Guides, and even birthday parties.

All you need for this project is paper, your Gelli Arts® printing plates, paint, rollers, textures, a pair of compasses, scissors and glue.

Each child needs to draw and cut out 4 or more circles onto thick paper; this is great for math! It doesn’t matter how many different sized circles you use as long as everybody has the same (for the tiny ones you could have this ready prepared).

Next print your circles any way you like with your gel plates. We used credit cards, combs, bubble wrap and all sorts of packaging materials- great for recycling!

Once the children have printed their circles, they need to dry before being glued together into a “target” shape. Acrylic paint dries very fast so this shouldn’t take long.

The children can then fold the target in half and in half again. This will make creases on the paper dividing it into 4 parts. Now cut each target into 4 “pizza slices”.

The children keep one quarter and then trade the other 3 with their friends until everyone has 4 different slices. Now glue the slices back into a circle onto some paper and you’re ready to mount them on a wall altogether. They look amazing!

Great job everyone!

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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Printing with Clear + Rubber Stamps with Gelli Arts® by Marsha Valk

Hi there! It's Marsha here today! Have you ever tried to combine stamped images with gel printing? If not, then I'm going to show you a super fun way to incorporate not only rubber stamps, but also clear stamps with gel printing.

In this video, I'm using Post-It tape to create masks. You can substitute the tape with low tack frisket film or even regular Post-Its as long as long as you stamp part of your images on the sticky part.

Cut your mask just inside the lines of the stamped image. Cutting slightly inside will prevent the occurrence of a white border, also called a 'halo effect', around the image on the final print.

Stamping inks are safe to use on the Gelli® plate. Give it a go with the ones you already have at home. Pigment, hybrid and solvent inks are my personal favourite inks for gel printing. However, there are types of dye ink that achieve fab results too. 

I like to apply stamping ink to the Gelli® plate by tapping the ink pad directly on the plate. If you wish, you could use a brayer instead. The brayer creates a more even and sometimes subdued look.

If you do not have any stamping inks at hand, you can stamp (and gel print) with acrylic paint or water-based printing ink instead. Apply the paint to your stamp with a brayer or cosmetic sponge. Take extra care to not let any acrylic paint dry on your stamp. Clean it off right away!

Once your prints are finished, and the ink (or paint) is dry, you can remove the masks. Depending on the image you chose, you may want to enhance them with gel pens or coloured pencils. And, if you are creating cards as I did, then you can add a sentiment if you like!

Please share your gel prints with us by tagging us @GelliArts and #gelliarts - we'd love to see your stamped creations!

Happy Printing!


-Gelli Arts® 5x7" Gel Printing Plate
-Gelli Arts® Mini Printing Tool

-Folded cards
-Clear and/or rubber stamps (Art by Marlene for Studio Light)
-Acrylic stamping block
-Pigment ink (Versafine Clair)
-Post-It tape
-Texture plates (Art by Marlene for Studio Light)

-Masking tape
-2" brayer
-Gel pens
-Coloured pencils
-Solvent ink (StazOn)

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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Gift Tag + Card Ideas From The Gelli Arts® Ninja Jr. Printmakers!

Hello and welcome to the Gelli Arts® Blog! Today, our Ninja Jr. Printmakers are bringing you some gift tag and card ideas for this holiday season!

Gift Tags by Tuva

Tuva has made some lovely gift tags using leaves on her gel plate. She used PaperArtsy paint, Archival ink and some twine to complete the tags. 

Cards and Mini Booklet by Maisie

For our next project idea, Maisie made cards with the Gelli Arts® DIY Gel Animals kit.

Maisie first cut out a mask after tracing the included flamingo image. Then, she put some colors down on her plate and placed the mask over the gel plate and pulled a print. Maisie completed the card by drawing on some flamingo legs and wings!

Maisie turned some of these prints into a mini booklet!

Cards by Aimee

Aimee here! During this season, I really love the changing color of the leaves and that is what inspired me to make this particular print. In order to create the fall theme, I used warmer tones and also printed with a layer of gold paint on top of the initial design. I often find that there are lots of birthdays and other celebrations occurring during the fall, and creating cards using my Gelli Arts® made prints is a perfect way to incorporate crafts into gift giving, as well as to show my appreciation through something handmade. 

Cards by Paige

Paige here! You can use your gel printed papers to create fun cards for the holidays. I used my Gelli Arts® supplies to create a range of papers to use in my cards. 

My first card is a single printed paper with two layers, the first a simple coloured layer with a small amount of texture pressed in and the second a metallic paint decorated with small masks made of plastic, made with a snowflake- shaped cutter. 

My second card design was made using the same paper cutter, this time cutting the snowflake from some different printed papers and sticking them onto a piece of blank card.

My third design, a christmas tree, was made by cutting strips of paper and laying them in descending order up the card, topping them with a snowflake. 

My final card is a bauble design, which was made with a circle cutter and a silver pen, as well as the snowflakes I made earlier.

☆Gift Tags by Alisha

Our last gift tag idea is brought to you by Alisha! Watch Alisha's video below to see how she made these mixed media tags:

Thanks for stopping by! Thank you to all of our Ninja Jr. Printmakers who sent us these fabulous tag and card ideas- we hope they inspired you to create some personal, homemade greetings! 

Please share your gel printed gift ideas with us by tagging us @GelliArts + #GelliArts

Happy printing and happy holidays! ☃

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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

“Somewhere Right Now” by Guest Artist + Author Mary Beggs Bosley

Hi there! It's Mary Beggs Bosley here again to share with you how I made these gel printed collages. 

Gel printed papers have been the cornerstone of my mixed media collage art for the past several years. I love how they can create unique color blends and textures that can’t be achieved any other way. I recently self-published my children’s book, “Somewhere Right Now”, utilizing many of my gel printed collages for the illustrations.

I rarely throw away any type of painted paper. And I’ve even challenged myself to create collages using leftover gel printed scraps, like this tropical bird collage that is featured in my book.

I used this ghost print to create the sea turtles pictured above. I drew on top of the print with a Micron pen and cut them out, layering them with gel printed coral atop a watercolor and salt background. This went on to become the cover of my book.

I have found that even my lightest “ghost” prints make great foundations for my artwork. I will often draw directly on top of them with fine black pen and add color with paint, pens or markers.

Another example of utilizing my ghost prints. I drew several poppies on top of this pink print and collaged them, along with stems on top of a gel printed background with additional drawn poppies.

I used various colorful gel print scraps to create these lizards, adding details with black pen and colored gel pens. Leaves were also created form gel printed papers, layered with pen drawing details.

Sometimes, the printed papers created with my Gelli® plate are so unique and colorful, they require very little in terms of added detail. Such is the case with this cut beetle artwork.

This Lorikeet was created by making a pattern to utilize gel printed scraps of rice paper, cardstock and printer paper.

My children’s book, “Somewhere Right Now” includes a variety of my artwork using gel prints

“Somewhere Right Now” parallels the daily events of a young child with the activities of animals around the world at that moment. It is available on Etsy here .

Thank you Gelli Arts®  for such amazing products to create my art to inspire others!

We are giving away one copy of Mary's book, "Somewhere Right Now" - enter below!

Win "Somewhere Right Now" by Mary Beggs Bosley!

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