Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Make Your Own Christmas Cards with Sara Ferrett

Hi everyone! Sara here, today I will being showing you how to make your own Christmas cards, using blank papers. 

To make your Christmas cards you'll need watercolor paper or white card stock, your GelliArts® gel printing plate, some red and green acrylic paints or pigments, and some stencils or art printing plates. In this case the ones I used are the new Birgit Koopsen release from Carabelle Studio.

Then, you'll need a cutting machine, I have the Jane Davenport from Spellbinders, but any cutting machine is fine! Plus some Christmas dies, to cut them all with different shapes.

I also used glue to stick the die cuts in a blank or red paper, some stamps and my Posca pens to make some splatters, some sari ribbons #sarisdesara, to embellish the tree ball, and some others to stick under the sentiment.



Friday, November 20, 2020

GelliArts® and Hahnemühle Week featuring Mansi Bhatia

 Hello everyone,

First off, let me thank you for the love you showered on my previous blog post detailing a complex botanical print technique inside your journals. Since you loved it so much, I thought I’d share another journal-print technique I use often to get more detailed, albeit single-layer, prints. 

Gelli Arts® has partnered with Hahnemühle and I think it’s a match made in heaven. 
I used their ZigZag book with 18 pages of the finest watercolour paper folded in accordion style. We are all used to working with acrylics on the gel plate but I am a watercolor artist, so I wanted to make this accordion-fold book really shine as a watercolor journal.

As you’ll see in the video, I used distress and dye inks (both water-reactive) to get some simple botanical prints. When you use the technique I share, you’ll get some really striking details in your monoprints and you can either leave them as is or you can use them as creative jumpstarts when you’re traveling (like I did).

By using water-reactive inks in my journal, I was able to carry it with me on the road and use a water brush to “paint” them in later. You’ll see in the side-by-side comparisons, how I was able to retain a lot of the original print while still giving it a painterly effect. I did forget to photograph the “before” photos for a couple of the journal pages but if you watch the video you’ll see all the “untouched” pages right after I was done with the gel plate printing.

It was a blessing to have this journal with me while gave me the opportunity to slow down and just enjoy the process.

This was a multi-week project and one that I really, truly enjoyed. Journaling is such a therapeutic creative outlet and as I enter a change of seasons, both metaphorically and figuratively, this journal with its Nature images led me down a path of grateful murmurings.

I used some color pencils and a travel watercolor paint set to turn this into a gratitude journal, with positive affirmations and quotes from some of my favorite poets, authors and philosophers. There’s an entire spread dedicated to Rumi, a Persian poet whose words are inspirational and so very meaningful to me. 

I also cut three circles from the copy paper I had used to wipe off the excess inks and used two of those to adorn my journal cover and one inside where I accidentally messed up the painting. 

This accordion journal will always be special to me as it holds memories from the backyard of our rental house, the place we’ve called home most of this Covid-19 year. It’s such a simple way of preserving memories, be it from a trip or a special time in your life. I hope you enjoyed watching the process and the final journal. 

Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season!



Thursday, November 19, 2020

Gelli Arts® and Hahnemühle Week featuring Birgit Koopsen

Hi Everyone and welcome to the Gelli Arts® blog! It’s Birgit here today showing you how to create a fun and easy background in your art journal using smaller Gelli Arts® gel printing plates.

The benefit of the smaller plates is that you can place them on an acrylic block and then use them as a stamp so you don’t have to flip your journal around all the time and have a better view on what you’re doing

This week we’re collaborating with Hahnemühle so I’m using one of their beautiful A6 ZigZag books. The paper has a fine grained surface which gives the prints a bit of a textured (imperfect) look. 

Have fun watching the video!

Thank you for stopping by today. Happy printing!



Wednesday, November 18, 2020

GelliArts® and Hahnemühle Week featuring Giovanna

Hello Giovanna here! For this week's collaboration with Hahnemühle Fine Art I had some fun with gel printing madness, straight on a small zig zag journal.

As soon as I opened the parcel I loved this concertina album. It was the first time for me to gel print on watercolour texturized paper and I really liked the result I got.

I used fabric acrylic paint for the velvety look you can get on paper, you can experiment with regular paint or even ink pad as well.

Enjoy the video process:

During the gel printing session I cleaned the brayer and the small Gelli® plates on a A6 Hahnemühle journal, so I quickly created another spread


  • GelliArts® 4'' Round plate
  • GelliArts® Minis - Oval, Rectangle, Hexagon plates
  • Hahnemühle The ZigZag book
  • Hahnemühle A5 Sketch Booklet Black
  • DecoArt SoSoft acrylic paint
  • GelliArts® stencils

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Gelli Arts® and Hahnemühle Week featuring Alexa Doebler

Hey artsy friends! Alexa of Blue Woods Design here and today I'm sharing my collaboration project with GelliArts® and Hahnemuehle. 

I used Hahnemuehle's amazing Zig Zag Journal and my 8x10 GelliArts® Printing Plate to create this fun Rainbow Journal filled with borders & backgrounds all ready to create on!

To create these, I cut some card stock to about 5x7, then taped a piece of it on my journal page. I then rolled out my black paint, laid down my stencil & wiped away the excess through the stencil. (You could also pull the excess paint away with paper & create some amazing collage papers for future projects.)

When I took the card stock off, I was left with a gorgeous border. One side I did all black borders & the other side I created an ombre rainbow of borders. 

These could also be left open in the middle for writing, journaling, creating art, whatever! I love this idea for planners; adding a colorful interesting border around your calendar/to-do lists/etc.

I took it a step further and glued down the card stock on the flipsides. 

Check out the whole process here:


It's totally beautiful as is, but I'm sure I'll fill it with some of my girls and quotes. I'll be sure to share when I fill it!

Thanks! Hope you're inspired to create a flip book & borders with your printing plate!

Thank you Hahnemühle!


Monday, November 16, 2020

Gelli Arts® and Hahnemühle Week featuring Kirsten Varga

Welcome to Hahnemühle and Gelli Arts Week!

A blank page can be intimidating…especially when you have a new sketchbook and the possibilities are endless! When I was brainstorming how to approach the beautiful Hahnemühle Sketchbook I was given I decided I would take it apart to monoprint the pages because it was bound with a couple staples and that’s easy to remove. 

Using my Gelli Arts® printing plates to create backgrounds is one of my favorite things to do. Keep it simple or add layer after layer! You never know what imagery will appear to inspire your art! To put the book back together I chose a 7-hole pamphlet stitch. I ended up creating two books from the pages of the single sketchbook!

Check out the video below for a peek into my process

I am once again sharing a bookbinding technique and I do hope my instructions are clear. If you left feeling confused please research 7-hole pamphlet stitch for amazing tutorials by creators who are more adept at showcasing the steps. I am getting better but I have more to learn and I didn’t want my inexperience in creating bookbinding tutorials deter me from sharing this project.

Happy Creating!!


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