Thursday, January 7, 2016

Gelli® Printing Tutorials—5 Fab Techniques Revisited!

The sphere of people learning about and using Gelli® printing plates keeps increasing—and more and more people of all ages and levels of art experience are discovering the joy of mono printing.

I'd like to welcome those new to the Gelli® printing process — and thank those of you who have been following this blog along the way — by reintroducing some of the most popular techniques I've demonstrated here.

If you're looking to expand your base of techniques, learn some new fun exercises in Gelli printing, or refresh your memory on various processes, take a look at the following videos!
The painterly approach to monotypes can range from loose and spontaneous to structured and carefully planned...and everything in between. In other words—this technique is for everyone!!

Gelli® Printing—Faux Chine Collé
Chine collé is a printmaking technique where lightweight paper is adhered to heavier paper as it's passed through a press with an inked plate. The result is a print on a collage. Watch this video to see how this process can be adapted for Gelli printing! Then get ready to print on fragile papers, brittle book pages, or other thin, delicate papers!

Gelli® Printing with Styrofoam Plates
Here's a great way to repurpose styrofoam plates to use in monoprinting! This video shows how easy and fun it is to turn styrofoam plates into reusable texture plates with your own designs!

Thick and Thin Gelli® Printing
Watch what happens when you roll a layer of thick paint over a thin one... for a unique way to create a layered multicolor Gelli® print in one pull! If you're fascinated with unpredictable paint interactions — you'll want to explore this FUN technique!

Gelli® Transfer Film Prints
Gelli® plates have a unique surface that allows you to pull monotypes on clear adhesive film, like packing tape! You won't believe how easy this technique is! Just takes a little patience to let the paint dry completely on the plate before printing.

There you have it! Plenty of inspiration to get you going! What a great way to start your 
creative New Year!!

And to all of our Gelli enthusiasts — best wishes from all of us at Gelli Arts for peace, joy and an artful journey in 2016!

Please—share your prints with us on our Facebook page, or on Instagram using the hashtag #gelliplate #gelliarts or #gelliprint. Feel free to tag us with @gelliarts on Instagram and Twitter too! We love to see what you're creating!!

Remember, we now have Gelli partners all over the world, so it's easier than ever to find a Gelli retailer near you!

Have Fun and Happy Printing! 


  1. Thank you very much for this special share! I hope I will be able to make more time for more Gelli Plate experimenting this year!

    Greetings from Vienna,
    Claudia x

  2. This is most timely thanks for sharing...I need to get my new plate out of its packaging and play!

  3. Thank you for these videos! I just got my first Gelli plate and can't wait to play and see what I can create!

  4. I have a jelli plate but haven't used it as I can't find a way to incorporate my CAS with the messy side of it :O NOW I have. I love the faux chine and the packing tape one is just fabulous. Now I am going to play. THank you :D

  5. Great Videos! Love the China Colle process! Going to try this one first! Just picked up Joan B's book at book store with gift card (thank you friends and family--lol), Enjoying the book too--a lot.

  6. Your post is just in time to en our age me to open the packaging.
    Thank you

  7. Your post is just in time to en our age me to open the packaging.
    Thank you

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