Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Gelli Arts® Printed Easter Table Runner

Hi there! It’s Marsha here today with a fun project to add to your Easter decor!

It’s so easy and fun to customize fabric items with the help of the Gelli® plate. Use specialized fabric paints for this or just mix your favorite acrylic paints with a fabric medium.

Always check the instructions on the paints you are planning to use. Some fabric paints just need to dry for a set amount of hours before they are permanent, others need to be heat set in order to become permanent and washable.

Also, wash and iron your cotton fabric item before you start printing. The paint will grab onto the cotton fibers better when all sizing is washed out.

Here are the written steps to create an Easter table runner: 

Step 1
I found it useful to mark the exact middle of my fabric with a crease to make it easier to position the first printed blocks. Once the first row is on there, you can use the printed blocks to help line up the following prints.

Choose about 4 different paint colors that coordinate well and grab a couple of stencils to use whilst Gelli® printing. I chose to work with the 5”x5” Student gel printing plate.

Start printing blocks of color onto the fabric.

Keep a clean brayer on hand to press the fabric onto the Gelli® plate. 

Alternate solid blocks with patterned blocks using your stencils. Repeat until you’ve covered the entire table runner.


Step 2
Take the Oval Gelli® plate from the set of 3 Mini Gel Printing Plates (Oval, Rectangle & Hexagon) to randomly stamp ‘eggs’ over the patchwork patterned fabric.

If the fabric paint is (semi) transparent, you may need to stamp your eggs twice for the best result.


Step 3
Add golden polkadots or other details using a brush

Step 4
Let the paint dry for the hours stated in the instructions on the packaging. Heat set if needed.
The fabric paint I used needed to dry for 24 hours before I could heat set it with a hot iron.

Step 5 (optional)
If you like, you can machine stitch or embroider along the edges of the eggs and the blocks of color. This creates a nice texture and makes the eggs stand out more.

Happy Easter!!


Gelli Arts®:
5" x 5" Gelli® Printing Plate
4" Pop-In Soft Rubber Brayer
Gelli Arts® Mini - Oval

Cotton Table Runner
Fabric paint
Stencils (Nathalie Kalbach for Stencil Girl Products - Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Manhattan, Mesa Verde, Santiago, Toledo)

Sewing thread (neon pink)


  1. Hippety hoppity Easter's on its way.

  2. I'm assuming that you put the paint down before you lay a stencil on top of it and then brayer?

    1. Exactly! Layer paint on the plate, place stencil on top, then the fabric and then brayer (or use your hands) to make sure all of the pattern transfers onto the fabric.

      You can always watch the video if you need a better look at the process!

  3. Wow, you did pretty good job here and made it look so easy. Thank you for sharing the tutorial with us, will definitely give it a try


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