Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Pimp Your Apron with Gelli Arts® Gel Printing Plates

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It’s Birgit here and today I want to show you how you can easily pimp your apron in a few steps. And… NO sewing involved, everybody can do this!!

So, let’s start with what you need.
I used the Gelli Arts® Patch Printing Kit which includes almost everything you need. A Gelli Arts® gel printing plate, a brayer, a variety of patches, acrylic paints, fabric medium and printing materials. Besides that, I used the small round plate from the mini shapes set and some additional Gelli Arts® acrylic colors.

I started with adding color to the patches using the gel plate from the kit.

Then I applied the small round plate to an acrylic block and added a white circle to every printed patch. I printed 2 layers for a nice coverage.

I let the white paint dry and then added colors on top of the white circles, again using the small round plate.

After that I used the printing material from the kit to add a variety of texture and patterns to the printed circles.

When all the paint was really dry, I ironed fusible web on the reverse side of the patches (follow instructions on the packaging) and then cut the patches if necessary to the right size.

I made a nice composition on the apron and when I was satisfied I ironed the patches with the fusible web back to the apron.

I started at the top of the pockets to make sure I got it all lined up nicely.

After applying all the patches I decided it needed something more and I created a “lace” border at the top of the patches using a foam stamp and acrylic paint.

I finished the apron by adding faux stitching using a paint marker.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I would love to see your gelli printed aprons!

Wishing you happy Holidays and a colorful, creative and inspirational 2018!


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  1. This is so cute. Thank You for such a creative idea, but one I think I could manage. I will be checking into this printing kit and apron.

  2. Although I won't make an apron I enjoyed your tutorial and all the lovely ideas you shared.
    Thank you
    Happy Holidays to you.

  3. Love seeing the process with lots of layers and color! This is a cool project. Kids would love to make these for t-shirts. Thanks for showing us such cool projects. Happy Holidays to all!

  4. Love this idea and the tutorial is great.
    Thank you so much

  5. Thanks I enjoyed the video and am inspired to try this

  6. LOVE it! Need to jazz up my plain aprons! I could have my students each make a patch for me! Thanks for the idea!!

  7. amazing...looks so happy and fun too!
    :) Karen


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