Monday, April 23, 2018

Gel Printed Pocket Art Journal with Gelli Arts® Printing Plates

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It’s Birgit here today and I am sharing with you how you can create a little pocket art journal from a piece of accordion folded cardstock in a few steps.

Start with folding a piece of cardstock into an accordion. Any size you like will work.

Cover one side of the cardstock accordion with gel prints. I started with a ghost print.

Apply some acrylic paint to the Gelli Arts® gel printing plate and place a stencil on top. Use a sheet of printer paper to remove most of the paint around the stencil.

Use a brayer to apply acrylic paint to a stamp and stamp on top of the stenciled image.
Let the paint dry well.

Then apply a new, thin layer of paint and pull the print on the accordion folded cardstock.

For my second print I used the Magazine Paper Resist technique. If you want more detailed instruction on this you can watch my video here or go to the blog post here!

Apply a thin layer of acrylic paint to the plate and layer a magazine print on top.
Rub firmly until enough paint has been removed from the plate and you like the left over image.

Let the paint dry well. Then apply a new, thin layer of acrylic paint and pull the print, next to the previous print on the accordion folded cardstock.

Next to this print I did another ghost print and then another magazine print.

To create the book apply double sided tape next to every other fold on the reverse side of the accordion and also at the bottom. Then fold the book together.

I printed some tags and slipped them into the pockets.

To cover the spine I applied a strip of washi tape and finally I added some string to the tags.

Now my little gel printed pocket art journal is ready and I can start journaling on these fun colorful pages!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
Happy printing!

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  1. Great lesson! Where did you get those stencils? Love to order them!

  2. OMG! The magazine resist was awesome! I can't wait to try this! Super cute little art journal too Birgit, thanks for sharing your art!

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