Thursday, November 29, 2018

Festive Garland with Gelli Arts® by Johanna Lawson

Happy holidays monoprinting friends! Jo Lawson here! Get ready to deck the halls with this festive gel printed garland!

For this project, I was inspired by the upcoming holiday season, but this garland can be adapted for any occasion! It is also a great way to use the prints you have laying around. I used a circle punch for the garland pieces, however die cuts with an area large enough to sew would be beautiful as well. 

Use this tutorial as a guide and then make it your own! Get creative! I provided a video for you to create along with me.

Step One – Create a Background
Choose a stencil, ephemera, or cardboard pieces that will cover your entire plate. Bubble wrap creates a pattern and texture that works with so many tools. It is especially fun to use in a project because the colors continue to build up on the wrap, causing new and unexpected results!

Throughout the project, be sure to print on BOTH sides of your white card stock.

Continue to create backgrounds in your favorite colors, patterns, and textures!

Step Two – Add Details
Use smaller stencils and tools to add details to your backgrounds. Because this garland is made up of circles, I chose to use the 3” round plate with my stencils. Don’t be too concerned with the layout and composition; most of the paper will be cut into smaller pieces.

Step Three – Punch Away!
Create the pieces of the garland using punches or die cuts. Vary the sizes and shapes to add interest. For this project, I used 2.5”, 1.5”, and 1.25” circle punches. Turn the punch upside down and use it as a viewfinder before you punch.

Step Four – Sew it All Together
Move to the sewing machine and pick thread that compliments your monoprinted pieces. This is a great opportunity to try some of those decorative stitches you have been dying to use!

Leave a tail before you begin. Sew straight down the middle and DO NOT cut the thread. Leave about two inches between each piece. Be sure to pull the thread taut between the monoprinted pieces or the garland will not hang correctly.

Use 10-12 pieces for each garland and don’t forget to leave a tail at the end. Knot each tail when finished sewing and trim if desired.

Step Five – Embellish!
Keep them simple or go all out! These garlands are versatile and always turn out elegant and unique.

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- Gelli Arts® Premium Acrylic Paint - Cosmic Blue, Freshwater, Snowbound, Deep Jungle, Kiwi, Chili Pepper
- Gelli Arts® 4” Roller
- Gelli Arts® 3” Mini Round Plate
- 5” x 7” Gelli Arts® Printing Plate
- 5 Half sheets of 8.5” x 11” Cardstock
- Bubble Wrap
- Circle Punch - 2.5", 1.25", and 1.5"
- Mandala or Snowflake Stencil
- Christmas Words Stencil
- Glue
- Snowflake Die Cut
- Scissors
- Acrylic Block
- Jewels
- Thread
- Sewing Machine

We hope this inspires you to adorn your house in fun garland for all occasions!

Thanks for stopping by!
Jo Lawson

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Philadelphia, PA All rights reserved.


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Gelli Arts®

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