Thursday, October 17, 2019

Printing Drop Shadows with Gelli Arts® by Birgit Koopsen

Hello and welcome to the Gelli Arts® Blog!

It's Birgit here today to show you a technique that is definitely not new- but, there is nothing wrong with revisiting an oldie but goodie, especially when it is such a great one, right!?

Watch my video and create along with me:

This 3- layer technique with stencils and masks creates drop shadows which gives your prints a wonderful 3D effect.

And it is easy as one - two - three!

Print your first layer in middle value colors. Then, place a stencil or mask on top and print the second layer with a darker/contrasting color. Finally, place the stencil or mask slightly off on the print and print with a light (but opaque) color on top. I added some titan white to my last layers to make the light colors more opaque. 

Please share your drop shadow prints with us on Instagram using @GelliArts and #gelliarts - We love seeing your creations!

- Brayer
- Acrylic Paint (DecoArt, Amsterdam, Liquitex)
- Stencils and masks: my designs for Carabelle studios (Indian Tile stencil, Indian Mandala mask)
- Acrylic block 17x17cm: Carabelle studio

Thank you for reading and happy printing!


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Meet Our New Gelli Arts Artists!


Our awesome Gelli Arts® Artist Team is growing! 

Artist Coordinator - Tracy Weinzapfel

Hi I'm Tracy!
What you see, is what you get….I put it all out there every day. I am the mom of three kids (22 old son & boy/girl 18 year old twins). I am a freelance painter and mixed media artist who draws my inspiration from nature. I live life with a creative edge and know that sharing my passion to inspire others is my calling.

I am a published multi-medium artist and have worked as an Art Educator with a variety of art manufacturers.  My work and art studio has been featured in multiple publications such as Better Homes & Gardens, Painting World Magazine, Home Depot Online Room Inspirations, Creating Keepsakes, Simple Scrapbooks, Just Mixed Media, Simply Crafts and I am a proud member of the Association of Creative Industries  and Society of Decorative Painters.  I am also one of the founders of where you can join me for fun and inspiring ideas!

You can follow me here: 

Website/Blog - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - YouTube

Maribel Romero

Hello, my name is Maribel and I dedicate myself to the world of YouTube.  I am 41 years old, have three small children and I am from Spain.  I have been doing crafts since I was little.  My passion is the recycling of any object -- but I play with other topics such as painting, scrapbooking and mixed media.  

You can follow me here: 

Martice Smith II

Hey, y'all! I'm Martice, a multi-media creative, photographer and graphic designer from Kansas City, Missouri. I have an insatiable craving for all things color and texture! I'd describe my artwork as a visual symphony of bright colors, patterns + florals with an abstract, graffiti twist. Sometimes, I like to go off-beat and combine traditional media with digital techniques.  

I show creatives how to bear hug their artsy superpowers by infusing a playful vibe into their art process. I do this by creating online courses, videos, and offering one-on-one creativity coaching sessions. In my free time, you can find me taking care of my jungle of tropical houseplants or watching cute panda videos!

I've been blessed to have my work exhibited, collected worldwide and featured in industry magazines and books like Cloth Paper Scissors, 'A World of Artist Journal Pages' and 'Incite 3: The Art of Storytelling', to name a few.

You can follow me here:

Karen Elaine

Karen Elaine is a mixed media artist and author. She is an enthusiastic teacher who enjoys sharing her discoveries of the creative process.
Her joyfully inspired watercolor, art journaling, and mixed media workshops are designed to encourage creativity and healing. 

You can follow me here:
Website - Facebook - Instagram - Pinterest - YouTube

Mariví González

Hi, my name is Mariví González. I am from Malaga, Spain. Since childhood I have liked all kinds of crafts. Although I studied computer science and accounting, the path of life has led me to art. And I am very happy to be able to live from it.
I've been doing tutorials on YouTube for more than 4 years where I have 2 craft channels.
My passions are decoupage, recycling, creative painting, scrapbooking and the mixed media. I love mixing techniques, products and materials. If you like art, don't be afraid to experiment, in art there are no rules. Simply, let yourself go and create beautiful things that brighten your life by looking at them.
You can follow me here: 
Marivi Gonzalez Manualidades YouTube - El rincón de Angela YouTube - Instagram - Facebook - Pinterest - Blog

Mansi Bhatia

Mansi is a self-taught artist and entrepreneur. She has led workshops for seniors as well as preschoolers. No matter the audience, her goal is to focus on free-spirited creations. She wants her students to feel the rush that comes from experimenting with different media, using colors as a way to express themselves, crafting with their hearts and hands...really tuning into their gut. Because when they listen to their intuition, they create art that connects with the soul. She enjoys exploring techniques for stamp-creation, portrait-transfers, collage-making and abstract-printing using the Gelli Arts® gel plate and various mediums, including acrylics, alcohol inks, pigments and fabric paints. 

You can follow me here:
Facebook - Instagram - YouTube

Alexa Doebler

Alexa Doebler (aka Blue Woods Design) is a self-taught mixed media artist living in Holland, Michigan with her husband & 2 kids. She loves art journaling, creating faces & trying new things in her artwork. She believes art should be an expression of self & that includes a wide range of emotions, thoughts & experiences. From serious to silly, art can enhance our experience of this life & should be valued for the process of reflection & expression! 

Alexa now creates art, teaches in her studio (The Art Garage) & hosts art retreats throughout the country (Paintbrushes & Palette Knives Art Retreats). Being creative & sharing that with others has always been a part of her journey. Throughout it all she loves the connections made throughout her creative endeavors!

You can follow me here:
Facebook - Instagram - YouTube - Blog

Welcome to the team, guys!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Using DIY Kits With Kids By Guest Artist Mary Bosley

Hi there! My name is Mary Beggs Bosley and I am excited to be a guest artist today! In this blog, I am going to share how I use the Gelli Arts® DIY Kits in my art classes with children. 

Since we live in the dry climate of the southwest, my students are very familiar with cacti and it was fun to create art inspired by this plant.

My students created their cactus gardens in 3 steps: pots, cactus and backgrounds. After making their prints for each, they traced their pot and cactus shapes from the offered images that I printed on heavy weight cardstock. These were arranged and glued on their backgrounds.

The Flamingos and llamas were also very popular among my students. They enjoyed creating different colored and textured creatures using the punchinella and bubble wrap included in the DIY Kits. Once again, I copied the included templates on heavy cardstock for them to trace. Some children chose to add extra details using black and colored gel pens. 

As you can see, our DIY Kits are perfect for kids.  They are fast, fun and easy to use! Everything is included in these kits to start printmaking and get your creativity going. 

Now... you can save 20% off any of our DIY kits with the code: DIY20

About Mary:

I graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Graphic Design. I spent my early career working in advertising, as well as a commissioned charcoal portrait artist. After having my two children, I started teaching private children's art classes. I have taught art for the past ten years and have been featured in Arts and Activities Magazine and as a project contributor for the Sharpie Art Workshop for Kids. Last year I self-published my children's book, "Somewhere Right Now." Many of the mixed media illustrations featured in the book were created using my Gelli Arts® plate. I love creating layered collages using gel printing combined with paint, pens and markers.  

Here are my social media accounts:
Instagram - Facebook - Blog - Etsy Shop

Thank you Mary for sharing your talents with us all!

Friday, October 11, 2019

Halloween Card With The 3x5" Gelli Arts® Plate by Kirsten Varga

Hi there! Kirsten here. 

At a recent trip to the home improvement store I noticed that there were a variety of sponges available and they each had an interesting texture. And since Halloween is right around the corner (yay!), I immediately thought those textures could create a monoprint that looks like a spooky night sky. I bought four different sponges and headed home with a plan in mind.

Sometimes monoprinting is full of multiple layers and other times it’s just one. My goal was to make a background for my haunted house themed card and, in this case, limit my texture tools to just sponges. I kept the process simple and quick, which is great if I want to make multiples of a card.

Check out the following video to see how I created this Halloween card. You’ll see prints from each sponge and which one I chose to make the finished card with.

Thanks for watching!

Please share your gel prints with us on Instagram using @GelliArts and #gelliarts - We love seeing your creations!

Happy Printing!


Friday, October 4, 2019

Creating Cards With The NEW Gelli Arts® Gel Animals Printing Kit by Marsha Valk

Hi there! It's Marsha here today sharing flamingo cards created with the new Gelli Arts® Gel Animals Printing Kit!

Have you seen the new Gelli Arts® DIY Printing Kits? There are three different ones, and they all include everything you need to create a fun gel printing project.

The Gel Animals Printing Kit includes templates for a flamingo, as well as a mama and baby llama pair.

You don't have to stick to the provided shapes, though. If you have your heart set on another animal, then you can design your own template. 

There's more than enough paint and paper in the kit for additional prints. The possibilities are endless!

Each of the kits come with full instructions, and they make a great starter kit for anyone new to gel printing. 

However, it is possible to take a little detour from the instructions, as I'm going to show you in the video!

Here's a closer look at the templates and masks that I cut in the video: 

I used regular computer paper to print on, which is a bit thin, so my templates unfortunately did not survive my printing session. 

If you'd like a version that would last longer, use sturdier paper or transparencies instead.

For the cards with the two flamingos, I started printing on one flamingo and, once finished, covered it up with the mask. 

Then, I printed a second flamingo and cut an extra masks so I could cover both flamingos before I pulled the background print. 

Please share your gel animal prints with us on Instagram using @GelliArts and #gelliarts - We love seeing your creations!

Happy Printing!



-Permanent marker
-Paper cutter
-Repositionable adhesive roller
-Paint maker
-Black fine liner

Friday, September 27, 2019

Digital Art with Gelli Arts® By Joanna Grant

Hi everyone! Joanna Grant here. Here’s a really simple project for you. We’re going to use up some of those gel prints we don’t really like and combine them with a bit of technology to make fabulous digital collage art with Gelli Arts®. 

Here’s what we’ll be using today:

In our first step below, you’ll see a color photocopy of one of my gel prints.  I had scanned the original gel print into JPG format and then printed it out at the local Staples store on 8.5 x 11" paper.  The print is okay, but not that interesting.  Let’s see how we can jazz it up a bit.


I’ve collected some scraps of other gel prints and included some coffee filter gel prints I made, but didn’t know what to do with.

Using a glue stick, I adhered some torn scraps of gel prints onto the photocopy, strategically placing the scraps where I thought they were needed most. These are typically the areas you think are muddy or kind of blah.

When the glue was dry, I took the piece to my scanner and scanned it, creating a new JPG file of the modified photocopy.  Here’s the color print of that altered photocopy.

Next, I took my Xs and Os stencil and some pink paint and added some more interest to the altered gel print. You can do this step with your gel plate or just by stenciling on to the print. When the paint dried, it was back to the scanner to create another JPG file of the newest version of the gel print.

Now I have a really interesting background that I can use for all kinds of projects. I could glue the newest version of the color photocopy into my art journal for a background. I could also do this with the original, but I find that working with color photocopies when using an art journal is easier because the copies are not as bulky as the originals. Also, paints and other projects seem to go over the photocopy quite easily.

I also love to use these altered gel prints (the photocopies) for gift wrap of small presents and for bows!

But, what I ultimately decided to do was to use the newest version of the gel print photocopy as a backdrop onto which to add yet another JPG image; this one of Frida Kahlo (courtesy of  

For this step, I used Microsoft Publisher, opening up a blank document and simply adding the JPG of the gel print and then adding the JPG of Frida on top of it, resizing the Frida image and moving her around on the background until I found a pleasing layout. Easy peasy! I then printed the finished Frida gel print as a color photocopy.

This is the process I also use when I get a gel print to a point where I really love it and don’t want to mess it up by adding more layers. By scanning the gel print and creating a JPG image and then printing a color photocopy of it, I can print as many copies as I like and experiment with adding more gel printing over top of the new “original.” That way, I always have the true “original” to go back to AND having the added bonus of not as many layers of paint to deal with. This matters if you are using your gel prints for collage, as I always do. And, ultimately, you get great depth to your gel prints with this process.

I hope this lesson has opened up your mind to the incredible possibilities there are in incorporating technology with our gel printing fun. 

Happy printing, everyone!  Here are a couple more photos of other gel prints treated to this same technique.  The possibilities truly are endless!

Be sure to tag your Gelli Arts® + digital art prints with #GelliArts and #GelliArtsInspiration !

-Joanna Grant


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