Thursday, May 30, 2019

GelliArts® Jane Davenport “Under The Sea” By Joanna Grant

I have been a fan of Jane Davenport for many years and was thrilled to be able to play with her wonderful new products for this project.  Gelli Arts® and Jane Davenport have really put together a fantastic package of goodies to inspire you in your mixed media art.

For the “Under The Sea” theme of this project, I was immediately drawn to the seashell Gelli® Plate as it reminded me of a mermaid’s scales.  I could see so many possibilities!  The Gelli® Plate works so well for this project, when I wanted to achieve a cool look with overlapping “scales” for the background.  It was a happy accident, when I discovered that Jane’s seashell plate also worked well to create the “waves” you’ll see in this project.

With my love of recycling too, I was able to incorporate reclaimed papers and salvaged embellishments into the project.  In fact, the only NEW elements in this project were Jane’s seashell plate and the stamp used for the “coral.” 

I chose to use mermaid templates from but you can use your own drawings or copyright-free line art images from the Internet to create a unique template.  The really fun part of this project was embellishing the mermaid.  And, I was very happy with the decision to not glue everything down flat.  By leaving some of the “coral” and the mermaid’s hair loosely glued, it gives a waving effect you’d expect to see “Under The Sea.”

Supply List:

  • Jane Davenport x GelliArts® 3” Seashell Printing Plate
  • 8.5 X 11 cardstock (white)
  • Assorted acrylic paints
  • Brayer
  • Acrylic block
  • GelliArts® Comb
  • Scrap of bubble wrap
  • Assorted Gel Pens
  • Scissors
  • Art Foamies “fern” stamp by Rebekah Meier
  • Shimmery gold paper
  • Gluestick, matte medium and/or white glue
  • Mermaid outline or pattern (mine was from
  • Assorted papers for mermaid body (scrapbooking, recycled wallpaper, etc)
  • Assorted embellishments (stickers, faux rhinestones, etc)
  • Face rubber stamp (I used one by Tin Can Mail)
  • Stamp pad (your choice of color for the face)
  • Optional – small paint brush, palette knife
I am so pleased with how this project turned out and I hope you’ll be inspired when you watch the video to dive deep into your own mixed media adventure “Under The Sea !!”

Thanks for watching!

© 2019 by Gelli Arts®, LLC
Philadelphia, PA All rights reserved.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Recycle! Cardboard Printing with Gelli Arts® by Birgit Koopsen

Hi! It’s Birgit here! 

Today I want to show you that tools to create beautiful gel prints don’t have to be expensive. Even better, they can be for free!  

Recycle your cardboard and be surprised what you can do with something that you would normally dispose. 

This is also great to do with kids! 

Check out the video for all the details: 

Materials used in this video: 
-Gelli Arts® 5x7 gel printing plate 
-DecoArt Acrylic paint 
-Cardboard boxes and packaging material 
-White paper 

Here are some finished prints:

Also- check out this video below from 2015, where we show you more ways to print with cardboard!


Thursday, May 16, 2019

Gel printing with Acrylic Inks and Re-Inkers with GelliArts® By Giovanna Zara

Hello, Giovanna here! Today I will show you how to use acrylic inks and re-inkers for gel printing- and with these prints, I up-cycled some cereal and pasta boxes in a set of magazine (OK, gel prints in my case) holders.

I had these bottles of acrylic inks and Distress Re-inkers for ages in my stash, and I thought, why not to try them on the GelliArts® plate? I found out that these work beautifully, even mixed together. 

You can use this technique with any re-inkers out there, from Distress Oxides, dye ink , StazOn re-inkers and so on. 


These are some of the prints that I got:

How To:

Put some drops of acrylic ink on the GelliArts® 9x12'' plate and spray a bit of water

Roll the ink with a brayer. Blot the excess ink if needed.

Lay your cardstock and lift it.

To add more interest to your print, add more layers using stencils.

To get a different look roll out a bit of gel medium on the Gelli® plate.

Put some drops of re-inkers and roll the ink with a brayer.

Lay a stencil.

Lay your cardstock, press firmly and lift the cardstock.

Lift the stencil and pull the ghost print on another cardstock.

Add more layers using different stencils until you are happy with the result.

To make the magazine holder: 

How To:

-Cut out the upper part of the pasta/cereal box

-Cut to size your gel prints and glue them to the pasta/cereal box

-To have a more refined look, add washi tape along the borders

Materials used:

  • GelliArts® 9x12'' Gelli® Plate
  • Mandala Stencils by GiogioCraft
  • Liquitex Acrylic Ink
  • Distress Ink Reinkers
  • DecoArt Media Matte Medium, Stencils

© 2019 by Gelli Arts®, LLC
Philadelphia, PA All rights reserved.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Printed Paper Bags with Gelli Arts® by Lucy Brydon

Hi There! In this tutorial I show you how you can make your own cute packaging using printed paper bags with matching tags.

Create along with me:

Step 1: 
In this video I use printing ink for the bag but you can equally use paint or open acrylics. Open acrylics and printing ink work best for printing with leaves as the longer drying time allows for showing all the details in the leaf. 

I start off with the lightest color first, rolling out some ink onto the plate, then placing my leaves down on the paper bag. Press well around the whole bag and remove. You can take a second ghost print of the leaves onto a second bag.

Step 2:
Continue to layer up (usually 3 layers is best for this) with darker colours. For the subsequent layers, I press the gel plate down onto the previous print from above. 

My gel plate is attached to a piece of plexiglass so I can use it like a stamp. This way I can get my second and third prints to line up properly against the first.

Step 3:
For the tags, continue in the same manner but using cut cardstock shapes and arrange them across the gel plate. I used a piece of deli paper to rub the back so that any bits of ink or paint showing were not getting on my hands.

Step 4
When all the paint or ink is dry, assemble the tags to the bags by punching holes and attaching with string or ribbon.

For this project you will need:

  • Blank paper bags
  • Printing ink or open acrylics (I used caligo safe wash relief ink for my bags and golden open acrylics for the tags – this was only because I did them on different days and my inks were not out you can use inks for both, or acrylics for both!)
  • Brayer
  • pressed leaves
  • deli paper
  • cardstock cut into shapes for tags
  • Hole punch
  • string or ribbon

© 2019 by Gelli Arts®, LLC
Philadelphia, PA All rights reserved.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Gelli Arts® + Jane Davenport Gel Printing with Liquid Inks with Marsha Valk

Hi there! It’s Marsha here. Today I have a new set of watercolour techniques to show you, using the brand new Jane Davenport seashell mini printing plate and liquid inks!

You may be thinking that like watercolour, liquid inks aren’t the most suitable medium for Gelli Arts® gel printing. The viscosity is thin, and that causes the ink to bead up on the slick surface of the gel printing plate.

However, with a little experimentation, I’ve found a couple of ways around that, and I’m excited to share them with you in this video!

In the video, I’m printing with Jane Davenport INKredible Inks. These are dye-based inks that behave like a watercolour. You can substitute them with watercolours or other liquid non-permanent or semi-permanent inks

All techniques shown in the video work with other Gelli Arts® mini printing plates too.

I can’t wait to see the liquid ink and watercolour prints you create! Please share your work with us on Instagram using #gelliarts. 

Happy liquid ink printing! 



Gelli Arts® + Jane Davenport Printing Set

Jane Davenport INKredible Inks
Jane Davenport Acrylic Paint
Jane Davenport Peerless Watercolors
Watercolour paper
Acrylic stamping block
Spray bottle with water
(Paper) towel
Gloss gel medium
Cosmetic sponge

Hand sanitiser

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