Thursday, May 16, 2019

Gel printing with Acrylic Inks and Re-Inkers with GelliArts® By Giovanna Zara

Hello, Giovanna here! Today I will show you how to use acrylic inks and re-inkers for gel printing- and with these prints, I up-cycled some cereal and pasta boxes in a set of magazine (OK, gel prints in my case) holders.

I had these bottles of acrylic inks and Distress Re-inkers for ages in my stash, and I thought, why not to try them on the GelliArts® plate? I found out that these work beautifully, even mixed together. 

You can use this technique with any re-inkers out there, from Distress Oxides, dye ink , StazOn re-inkers and so on. 


These are some of the prints that I got:

How To:

Put some drops of acrylic ink on the GelliArts® 9x12'' plate and spray a bit of water

Roll the ink with a brayer. Blot the excess ink if needed.

Lay your cardstock and lift it.

To add more interest to your print, add more layers using stencils.

To get a different look roll out a bit of gel medium on the Gelli® plate.

Put some drops of re-inkers and roll the ink with a brayer.

Lay a stencil.

Lay your cardstock, press firmly and lift the cardstock.

Lift the stencil and pull the ghost print on another cardstock.

Add more layers using different stencils until you are happy with the result.

To make the magazine holder: 

How To:

-Cut out the upper part of the pasta/cereal box

-Cut to size your gel prints and glue them to the pasta/cereal box

-To have a more refined look, add washi tape along the borders

Materials used:

  • GelliArts® 9x12'' Gelli® Plate
  • Mandala Stencils by GiogioCraft
  • Liquitex Acrylic Ink
  • Distress Ink Reinkers
  • DecoArt Media Matte Medium, Stencils

© 2019 by Gelli Arts®, LLC
Philadelphia, PA All rights reserved.


  1. Love, love, love this idea and tutorial. I need to try this. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  2. Added to my up cycle project list! Thanks.

  3. Gorgeous Gelli print holders. Love them
    Thanks for sharing...

  4. What a splendid idea !!! Thank you !!! Kind regards - Judi - Australia

  5. What a splendid idea !!! Thank you . Kind regards - Judi - Australia

  6. Ah ah!!! Lo sapevo!!! Scatole, scatole, scatole! Ne ho da parte a bizzeffe!! LOL :D Idea da copiare assolutamente!! E una rifinitura perfetta con i tuoi washi tape!!!
    Meravigliosi gli inks sul gelli, restano così intensi!!! Grazie per il trucco del gel medium, non ci sarei mai arrivata da sola :D

  7. Lovely vibrant prints and even better that it is a way to use up various reinker bottles I have around. xxx

  8. Your packaging boxes designs looking soo beautiful. Thanks for this.


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