Thursday, May 23, 2019

Recycle! Cardboard Printing with Gelli Arts® by Birgit Koopsen

Hi! It’s Birgit here! 

Today I want to show you that tools to create beautiful gel prints don’t have to be expensive. Even better, they can be for free!  

Recycle your cardboard and be surprised what you can do with something that you would normally dispose. 

This is also great to do with kids! 

Check out the video for all the details: 

Materials used in this video: 
-Gelli Arts® 5x7 gel printing plate 
-DecoArt Acrylic paint 
-Cardboard boxes and packaging material 
-White paper 

Here are some finished prints:

Also- check out this video below from 2015, where we show you more ways to print with cardboard!



  1. Great! Cardboard is such a wonderful product. I like to see it used creatively.

  2. Cardboard is so useful. Love to see it used so creatively.

  3. Amazing results - can't wait to try this out, thank you :)

  4. It's always so fun to watch Birgit create, awesome talent she has. Great to see the different types of cardboard and uses for it. Thank you for sharing this video.

  5. Thanks for video. Always enjoy seeing what ideas you have and the cheerful color combos.

  6. Amazing! You are so talented!

  7. Beautiful prints! Are you using copy paper or cardstock?

  8. These are lovely. What do you use them for?


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