Thursday, July 11, 2019

Cut Paper Collage Mandala by Kirsten Varga

Hello everyone, Kirsten here. Today, I have a new tutorial video showing how I made a cut paper collage mandala.

Create along with me in this step-by-step video:

This is a perfect project for all those gorgeous monoprints you have stashed away and if you don’t, it gives you the perfect excuse to take out your Gelli Arts® printing plate and start creating!


Materials Used:
-9x12 Gelli Arts® Printing plate
-DecoArts Premium Acrylics
-Black Gesso
-Various texture making tools
-Wooden panel (mine is 6.75” square)
-Various circular objects to trace or a compass
-Adhesive of choice
-Tweezers (to help place small pieces)
-Uniball Signo white pen
-Fine tip Applicator filled with thinned black acrylic paint

We would love to see your mandala inspired artwork. Share your art with us on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #GelliArtsInspiration 

Happy Creating!! 

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  2. Absolutely beautiful!! What a great idea. So inspiring thank you

  3. Gorgeous! They are just so soothing to look at, your pictures are just beautiful. Color combination used by you is also amazing. I also love mandala art, read more about mandala art here.


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