Thursday, October 17, 2019

Printing Drop Shadows with Gelli Arts® by Birgit Koopsen

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It's Birgit here today to show you a technique that is definitely not new- but, there is nothing wrong with revisiting an oldie but goodie, especially when it is such a great one, right!?

Watch my video and create along with me:

This 3- layer technique with stencils and masks creates drop shadows which gives your prints a wonderful 3D effect.

And it is easy as one - two - three!

Print your first layer in middle value colors. Then, place a stencil or mask on top and print the second layer with a darker/contrasting color. Finally, place the stencil or mask slightly off on the print and print with a light (but opaque) color on top. I added some titan white to my last layers to make the light colors more opaque. 

Please share your drop shadow prints with us on Instagram using @GelliArts and #gelliarts - We love seeing your creations!

- Brayer
- Acrylic Paint (DecoArt, Amsterdam, Liquitex)
- Stencils and masks: my designs for Carabelle studios (Indian Tile stencil, Indian Mandala mask)
- Acrylic block 17x17cm: Carabelle studio

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  1. that Birgit is a gelli printing genius!

  2. Great technique. I am going to have to try this soon.

  3. I haven't used my gelli plate for a while but Birgit inspires me with this technique to get out my gelli plate and try this technique for myself, my day off work today and and I know now how I will pass the time, thank you!

  4. Hi Birgit, I absolutely love this technique and cannot wait to try it. You always have such creative new ideas, many thanks, Jo

  5. Wow this is really very good post about Packaging Drop Shadows with Gelli Arts, . Thanks very much for sharing all this.


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