Friday, November 29, 2019

Gift Cards Two Ways with Gelli Arts® & Distress Oxide Inks by Jo Lawson

Greetings Gelli Arts® creators! Jo Lawson here with my favorite new product from 2019 – distress oxide ink sprays (and, of course, the amazing Gelli® plate). 

With the year winding down, I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate these versatile sprays and their stunning results on the gel plate. The soft, matte finish is beautiful, not to mention the blending you can accomplish.

For this project, I was inspired by the upcoming holiday season. I LOVE to give special gifts, but sometimes I just don’t have the time to get everyone the perfect gift. Especially with a two year old running around (not to mention being pregnant)... it is not always easy. So every now and then, a gift card to a friend or family member’s favorite restaurant, activity, or craft store, will have to do. 

That doesn’t mean it can’t be thoughtful and personal! After searching around, I found two great ways to “wrap up” the gift cards. Shout out to Sandy Allnock at Colorful Video and Pam at The Paper Outpost on YouTube for these inspiring ideas.

After gel printing to create beautiful paper backgrounds with my distress oxide ink sprays, I got to work creating the holiday inspired gift card holders, as well as a few variations for other celebrations. Use this tutorial as a guide and then make it your own! Get creative! For a list of all products used in this project, please see the materials section at the end of the post.

let’s splatter some spray…

For the best instructions, please view the video tutorial above. Below are a few extra tips.

Start by creating a few backgrounds with the oxide inks sprays on various types of paper:
- watercolor
- book pages left over from repurposed books
- old sheet music

1. Sprays oxide ink directly onto gel plate using one or more colors.
2. Use your brayer or immediately place paper down on plate, allowing the inks to blend on their own (my favorite method).
3. Let the paper dry between prints (which doesn’t take long).
4. Layer again and again. That is the beauty of gel printing! If you don’t like a print, add another layer.
5. For best results with your stencils, place the stencils on the gel plate first.
6. Spray oxide ink over and through stencil onto the plate using one or more colors – use more for some amazing blending!
7. Lift the stencil and print onto background pages.
8. Spray the oxide ink directly onto pages, along with sheer shimmer spray to give your prints an extra festive look. 

Patina pages:

Funky and festive on watercolor:

Book pages:

Holiday inspired sheet music:


Once you have a good stack of prints, it’s time to create your gift card holders.

jack + jill gift card holder:
1. Fold your book page or sheet music in half.
2. On one side, fold down corners to the center (like the start of a paper airplane), then fold them back inside to create the pockets.
3. Paste or sew the edges of the pockets.
4. Fold the entire paper in half again – voila!
5. Embellish with stamps, ephemera, stickers, tags and other special keepsakes!
6. Give or send it to someone you love!

Pop-up gift card holder:
1. Cut a solid piece of cardstock in half (4.25 x 11”).
2. Score paper at 4.5”, 5.5”, and 6.5”.
3. Hold on the score lines to create a point and use score tape to adhere the two sides together.
4. Using a decorative die cut or simple punch, cut out a space for the gift card in the center of the flap created by the fold. If needed, use scissors to cut into the fold so the gift card will fit.
5. Using your oxide ink spray background pages, mat the inside of the card and use a strip to create a “belly band”.
6. Embellish with stamps, ephemera, stickers, tags and other special keepsakes!
7. Give or send it to someone you love!

Materials for oxide ink spray background pages: 

-Gelli Arts® 4” Roller
-9”x 12” Gelli Arts® Gel Printing Plate
-Watercolor paper
-Book pages
-Old sheet music
-Distress Oxide Ink Sprays by Ranger (Tim Holtz): Peacock feathers, worn lipstick, seedless preserve, fired brick, blueprint sketch, hickory smoke, peeled paint, rusty hinge, tumbled glass, tea dye
-Sheer Shimmer Craft Spray (Sparkle) by Imagine Crafts

Materials for gift card holders:

-Scissors/Cutting Tool
-Die Cut
-2.5” Circle Punch
-Score Tape

Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, November 27, 2019

PanPastel® + GelliArts®: Textured Landscape by Bob Pennycook

Hi there. Bob here today working with PanPastel® on the Gelli Arts® plate to create a soft/textured landscape.

Plus- read to the end to enter for a chance to win a prize pack from PanPastel® + Gelli Arts®!

I love the random look of these images after you’ve pulled the print. And, although most often I need to apply a little more Pan Pastel directly to the image to fully develop the image, I try to keep much of the initial texture visible. The look reminds me of an aged fresco.

You’ll see that I apply the PanPastel® to the gel plate with a brush. That means the pastel will be thinner on the plate than if applied with a sponge. That also means there’s not as much pastel to lift onto the print and that creates the worn texture look.

But I’ll be honest, you’ll need to try a few practice pieces first so you’ll know just how much pastel to apply.

So here we go:

I used greens, blues and violet PanPastel® for this image. I just dipped a dry brush into the pastel, circled the brush around the pastel once or twice, then brushed the color onto the gel plate. I kept wiping the brush on a clean dry paper towel to remove excess pastel and particularly when I switched colors.

I used one larger brush for most of the color, a smaller one for smaller details and a sponge to add some color directly to the print at the end.

Create your entire image on the plate, layering color directly onto the plate. Just remember, that the initial layer you apply to the plate will tone all the other colors you apply on top of that initial layer.

Apply a few dabs of white acrylic paint paint (you can use any paint color but, to keep the integrity of the color on the plate, I used white). This paint will help remove the pastel from the plate and transfer the color to your paper.

Use a clean brayer and roll out the white paint thinly and evenly.

Immediately pull the print before the paint dries. I used a printmaking paper for this which is somewhat thicker than a lot of the paper I see others using when making gel prints. 

It’s also a little more absorbent than other papers which helps create the texture. Try different weights of paper to see which you like best. I also used a barren to help apply pressure, but that’s optional.

I used an optional soft pastel stick to draw in the pink area in the center of the image. I didn’t have a PanPastel® color in my collection that provided a bright enough highlight so I used the stick pastel.

I switched to a smaller brush to apply some soft green PanPastel® to the surface and, as you’ll see in the video, I applied several other colors with a brush and also used a sponge to apply a stronger layer of color where necessary.

I used a tissue to soften all colors that I applied directly to the print. Direct painting was used to strengthen the color but I found some of the colors too heavy so I softened them, particularly around the edges with a tissue.


1. 6x6” Gelli Arts® gel plate 
2. PanPastel® in a variety of blues, greens and violets 
3. Brushes and Sofft sponges to apply pastel
4. Printmaking or any other type of paper
5. Brayer
6. White acrylic paint
7. Tissues
8. Barren (optional)
9.Soft pastel sticks as needed (optional)

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

PanPastel® + Gelli Arts®: Gel Printed Mini Purses by Giovanna Zara

Giovanna here! This week, we are teaming up with PanPastel® to share some fun projects and techniques with you. Today on the blog, I'm sharing with you how I created a set of colourful mini paper purses to use as gift holders, tree decorations or to create a unique Advent calendar.

Plus- read to the end to enter for a chance to win a prize pack from Gelli Arts® + PanPastel®!

You can easily find these templates on the internet to download and print and make your own version.

For the full tutorial, watch my video and create along with me:

Inspired to try? Please share your creations with us by tagging @GelliArts and #GelliArts

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Monday, November 25, 2019

PanPastel® + GelliArts®: Monotypes by Marsha Valk

Hi there! Gelli Arts® has teamed up with PanPastel® for some printing fun, and I’m here today to share how I created a monotype using PanPastels on a Gelli Arts® gel printing plate.

Plus- read to the end to enter for a chance to win a prize pack from Gelli Arts® and PanPastel®!

For the collaboration, each of the participating Gelli Arts® Artists was gifted a set of PanPastel® colours and tools to play with.

PanPastel® has been a part of my art-making arsenal for years now, but it wasn’t until recently that I tried them on my Gelli Arts® gel printing plates.

What I especially love about using the pastels and gel printing plate together are the painterly and soft blended effects you can create.

This makes PanPastel® the perfect medium for creating monotypes in the sense of drawing or painting on a non-porous matrix and then pulling a print.

Let me show you precisely what I mean!

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check the Gelli Arts® blog every day of this week to see more PanPastel® and Gelli Arts® gel printing fun!

PanPastel® Hansa Yellow, Diarylide Yellow, Orange, Magenta, Violet, Turquoise, Phthalo Green, Black, Titanium White
PanPastel® Sofft® Knive & Cover No.3 Oval
PanPastel® Sofft® Knive & Cover No.4 Point
PanPastel® Sofft® Art Sponge Wedge

Gel medium (Talens Amsterdam Matt)
Black drawing paper (A4)
Palette knife
Pastel fixative (Ghiant)
Baby oil

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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Colored Image Resist Printing with Gelli Arts® + PanPastel® by Birgit Koopsen

Hello and welcome to the Gelli Arts® blog!

It's Birgit here today and I am going to show you a fun little twist on image resist printing! 

Before pulling the print with acrylic paint, you can color your image with PanPastel®. Just wait for the resisted image to dry on the plate and then use Pan Pastels to add the color.

I love the distressed feel of these prints. You would never be able to get this effect when coloring in the prints later, as you would not be able to go into all of the little open spaces without coloring over the paint. With this technique, the paint will be on top of the color in the final prints which looks great!

If you are not familiar with the image resist printing technique, you can check out my video:

Acrylic paint (Amsterdam) 
Soft applicators
Heavy copier paper (200gr.)

Thank you for visiting and happy printing!



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