Thursday, December 26, 2019

Magical Mini Books by Gelli Arts® Artist Helen O'Hara

Hello! It’s Helen here with a really magical project! 

Watch black paper transform before your eyes into a beautiful mono-printed book. Well... ok, so it’s not really magic - but science! This would be a great project to do with kids to teach about soluble and insoluble materials.

For this project, I’m using the Gelli Arts® mini oval and octagon plates mounted onto an acrylic block for ease of handling.

Watch my video below to see how!

It’s really important to use the right paint and paper for this project. You’ll need water-soluble gouache paints, permanent waterproof ink (Indian or acrylic) and strong watercolour paper. Your paper needs to stand up to a real soaking so the thicker the better. I’ve made a zig-zag book from a strip of watercolour paper or you can buy ready-made books.


Roll some gouache onto your Gelli Arts® plate and make marks in your usual way. I’ve used combs, brushes, stencils and a scrap of pool cover. Print both sides of your zig-zag book.

Once the gouache is completely dry, cover both sides of the book with waterproof ink. Try to cover it with only a few brushstrokes; if you work over the gouache too hard it will rub off. Let the ink dry completely.

Now for the magic!

Hold the book under a running tap. The gouache will wash right off where the ink has been applied, as the paint underneath is not permanently adhered to the paper. Don’t be tempted to rub the book too hard or you will wash away the colour too.

Your book will be quite fragile at this point so take care not to rip it. Once it is completely dry it can be folded back into a zig-zag again.


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this project!

Be sure to tag us on social media @GelliArts if you tried this project!

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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Gel Printed Envelope Art Journal with Gelli Arts® by Tania Ahmed

Hello, Tania here!

Gel printing can be done on any surface, and recently I have been really into making handmade art journals and experimenting with different ways to bind them. I had a lot of blank envelopes left over from a previous project, which I thought would be perfect for gel printing.

Watch my video tutorial on how I made this gel printed envelope album, which could be perfect for keeping notes, mementos, or add DIY postcards made with more gel prints and add your own journaling!

To begin, I gel printed on the envelopes with acrylic paints, making sure to cover both sides. I used bubble wrap, stencils and the Gelli Arts® mini tools to create patterns into the paint on the plate.

My journal was made with 10 envelopes which I bound together by gluing the flaps of envelopes to their sides. There are many different ways to attach the envelopes together, but I like using this method the most as I think it makes it look more like a little journal book and hides the binding!

I hope you enjoy the video and have a go at making your own little art journal!

-Gelli Arts® 9x12" Gel Printing Plate
-Gelli Arts® Mini Tools
-DecoArt acrylic paints
-C6 size white envelopes
-Bubble wrap

Be sure to share all your wonderful gel prints with us on Instagram by tagging @GelliArts and #GelliArts !


Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Image Resist Printing Using StazOn + Gelli Arts® by Birgit Koopsen

Hello and welcome to the Gelli Arts® blog!

It's Birgit here today with some exciting news.

Maybe you remember that almost 2 years ago, I made a video about the image resist printing technique. It was an exciting new technique and many people tried it. Some with amazing results, but there were also quite some people who didn't get it to work. It was a challenging technique where you needed to have all the variables right and I think it's safe to say that a lot of people got sad, frustrated and gave up. 

Today, I have some great news for all those people! I discovered another way of doing image resist printing that is much easier and has a way higher success rate.

The magic ingredient is StazOn!

I tried this technique with more than 10 different magazines and brochures, combined with 6 different types/brands of paint and my success rate was over 95%. The failures had to do with too much rubbing or too much paint, but all combinations worked.

So, if you wanted to do image transfers on the gel plate, but they never worked for you, then check out this video, give it a shot, and image resist printing may be your new favorite thing to do ☺


1. Apply a nice even layer of StazOn to the Gelli Arts® gel printing plate.

2. Let the ink dry.

3. Roll out some paint on a sheet of paper. 

Note: make sure your brayer is covered with a thin layer of paint before you touch the gel plate. A dry/clean brayer will lift up the ink. 

4. Apply a thin and even layer of paint on top of the ink with your brayer. 

5.Then place the magazine image on top while the paint is still wet and rub carefully. 

6. Then remove the image.

Note: if there is not enough ink left on the plate, then you probably rubbed too much. You can carefully lift up the image to see if you need more rubbing. The more absorbent the magazine paper is, the less pressure you need. 

7. Apply a new thin layer of paint, there is no need to let the first layer dry.

8. Place your printing paper on top while the paint is still wet and rub firmly. Pull- et voila!

Note: if there is still ink left on the plate then you probably used too much paint. You only need a thin layer to pick up the ink.

Remember- your prints don't have to be perfect! If you want perfect, it's easier to make a photo copy ☺ Be sure to share with us your image resist prints by tagging us @gelliarts and #gelliarts !

Thank you for stopping by and happy printing!



Magazines tested: Harper's Bazaar, Nouveau, Jan, Elle, Linda., Marie Claire, Margriet, Vogue, Happinez, Flow, and a couple of cheap brochures I received in the mail.

Paints tested: DecoArt premium, Talens Amsterdam Standard Series, Americana, DecoArt Media Fluid, Gelli Arts®, Dina Wakley Media Heavy Body and Liquitex Soft Body.

StazOn colors tested: Jet Black, Midnight Blue, Olive Green and Royal Purple. I also tried to do this with pigment inks but they didn't work. 

Other products used: Gelli Arts® 3x5" Gel Printing Plate, Speedball Brayer, heavy (200gr.) copier paper.

Giveaway time! 

We are giving away 2 StazOn ink pads and a 3x5" Gelli Arts® Gel Printing Plate to one lucky winner! 

To enter: leave a comment on this blog post and we will randomly draw a winnerDeadline is Sunday, December 23, 2019 11:59PM ET. Good luck!

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Holiday Angels with Gelli Arts® by Alexa Doebler

Hey everyone, Alexa here! I had tons of fun using my Gelli®️ plate on some 3D paper mache cones & creating some angels for some fun holiday decor. I used bright, fun colors & some cutie stamps I designed to make these sweet patchwork style gals. Check them out below!

Create these by grabbing your Gelli Arts®️ mini printing plates & some paper mache cones. Paint the cones white.

Add paint to your plate. Use stencils or your Gelli Arts®️ Printing Tool Combs to create interest & texture. Then just roll the cone over the plate.

Using your roll off scrap paper, cut out wings, a halo & a sentiment circle. Stamp or draw a face on white paper.

Then assemble the angels- and ta-da! 

You could also make these into super cute trees with a funky star on top. 

Thanks for stopping by! We'd love to see if you make some patchwork angels, trees, ornaments or other festive decor, so be sure to tag us @GelliArts and #GelliArts in your social media posts!



Monday, December 9, 2019

Collaborative Kid's Project for Schools, Art Clubs, Scouts & Parties by Helen O'Hara

Hello! It’s Helen O’Hara here with a great collaborative project for schools, art clubs, Scouts and Guides, and even birthday parties.

All you need for this project is paper, your Gelli Arts® printing plates, paint, rollers, textures, a pair of compasses, scissors and glue.

Each child needs to draw and cut out 4 or more circles onto thick paper; this is great for math! It doesn’t matter how many different sized circles you use as long as everybody has the same (for the tiny ones you could have this ready prepared).

Next print your circles any way you like with your gel plates. We used credit cards, combs, bubble wrap and all sorts of packaging materials- great for recycling!

Once the children have printed their circles, they need to dry before being glued together into a “target” shape. Acrylic paint dries very fast so this shouldn’t take long.

The children can then fold the target in half and in half again. This will make creases on the paper dividing it into 4 parts. Now cut each target into 4 “pizza slices”.

The children keep one quarter and then trade the other 3 with their friends until everyone has 4 different slices. Now glue the slices back into a circle onto some paper and you’re ready to mount them on a wall altogether. They look amazing!

Great job everyone!

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