Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Gelli Arts ® + Liquitex ® Collaboration- Bold Graphic Prints by Tania Ahmed

Hello! Tania here. Today I partner two great products to create bold graphic prints using Gelli Arts® and Liquitex® paints.

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You can easily create bold graphic prints using items that you might already have and have forgotten about, like I had with these wooden alphabet stamps and chipboard die cut packaging. Using letters to create negative space in my prints helps to create a very strong focal point as well as giving balance to a print that might otherwise look busy. You can also see my process for how I maintain the bright colours in my prints by “colour blocking” the paint on my gel plate. 

The Liquitex® Soft Body Paints were perfect for this technique as they stay open/wet long enough for me to try different techniques on the plate! Watch the video below on how I create these prints.


-Use a hot glue gun to stick down wooden letters to a board. You can use foam, chipboard, or die cut stickers to make your DIY plates and stencils. Other items you can use are: chipboard stickers for texture, die cut leftovers, waste packaging from chipboard alphabets, or inexpensive alphabet stencils.

-Use the DIY texture tools to lift some paint off the Gelli® plate. Then pull a print. The amount of paint lifting off the plate will depend on what your plates or stencils are made of.

-Using die cut letters, spell out your chosen word in reverse. Leaving the letters in place will create a negative space with your word: try this out with bold, contrasting colours!

-Try and mix all the different texture plates and techniques to create your own graphic prints. You can even use your DIY stencils as stamps and apply paint on with a brayer.

-Aligning your paper with the sheet under the plate to line your prints up.

Even more prints to inspire you!


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