Thursday, May 28, 2020

Fun and Easy Cards by Mansi Bhatia

Hello, again, everyone!

Graduation season is upon us and I am sharing some really fun and easy cards you can make for the graduates in your life! The fluorescent colors make each unique monoprint that much more vibrant! I hope you’ll enjoy the video and find some ideas on how to create your own greeting cards.

I used the Gelli Arts®️ Mini set of octagon, quatrefoil and diamond mini plates. The process is simple: brayer on a thin layer of color on to the mini plate, add a pattern (or not if you prefer to just highlight the shape of the mini plate which is a design element in and of itself), and stamp a monoprint. I like to place my mini plate on an acrylic block for easy manipulation, but you can also put your cardstock on to the mini gel plate and pull a monoprint.

I went around the cardstock “stamping” my colors and patterns, covering every bit of the paper. I don’t like to leave any white spots because when I trim this cardstock to make my final cards, I’ll find a way to use all parts of it.

When I was happy with the final image, I started assembling the card(s). I trimmed the first cardstock (original size was 5.5x4.25) by a half inch on all sides (and saved the resulting frame). I added a gold die cut sentiment and a reverse sentiment strip along with some small embellishments and the card was gold to go. I used the frame from this card in the second card and also used the paper I cleaned my brayer on (I never throw those copy papers away!). As you can see in the video, I was able to get some very different looking cards using the same mini gel plate and the same colors.

I then used the quatrefoil mini gel plate to create the next set of cards and decided not to use any patterns this time mainly because I wanted to show you how easy it is to make a beautiful card with minimal effort.

This was such a quick process and I love the final outcome. If you’re creative, you’ll be able to get multiple cards out of a single monoprint.

I hope you will give these versatile mini gel plates a try and make some really unique cards!

Happy printing!

See you all next time,


P.S. if you want to see a real-time video of my process with these mini gel plates, be sure to watch the live video on the Gelli Arts®️ Facebook page.


Thursday, May 21, 2020

Gel Printing with Thread, Yarn and Rope by Birgit Koopsen

Hello and welcome to the Gelli Arts® blog. It’s Birgit here today and I’m going to show you an easy and fun technique to create beautiful organic texture using thread, yarn and rope.

When I start a session like this I like to have both white (copier) paper and colorful printed paper on hand so first you can have some fun creating random colorful prints or find some in your stash.

With this technique, you can build up many layers and still see the previous layers. Also you can pull beautiful prints from the paint that was underneath the thread, yarn or rope on your plate after pulling the first print. I have to admit that I might love these even more. 

This is a can’t go wrong technique! If you don’t like your print add another one on top until you're satisfied. Just make sure the prints are dry in between adding layers so your colors stay bright and crisp!

Thank you so much for stopping by and happy printing!!


Products used:

Gelli Arts® gel printing plate 5”x7”

Acrylic paint: Gelli Arts®, Deco Art premium and DecoArts Media Fluid

Speedball soft rubber brayer

Heavy (200 gr.) copier paper

A variety of thread, yarn and rope.


Thursday, May 14, 2020

How to Make a Gel Printed Fabric Mask by Tania Ahmed

Hi friends!

Like many of you I have been spending a lot of time indoors which means that I can revisit some of my older hobbies and interests. I used to sew a lot when I was in college and often used to make customized bags, pouches and totes for my classmates. I think a lot of us crafters who have been doing it for many years have dabbled in all sorts of hobbies!

As face masks are a little hard to get hold of here in the UK, with delivery times extending to weeks, I decided to try my hand at sewing one and was surprised to discover that it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.

Here is how I created mine:

There are many free tutorials available online, so after watching a couple I adapted the pattern to suit me and the supplies I had readily available. Plus, I was itching to do some gel printing on fabric and use some of the newer stencils!

My sewing was a bit rusty, but I had fun stitching the face mask together which you can watch in the video tutorial that I made.


  • Gelli Arts® Mini Plates
  • Gelli Arts® 3x5" Plate
  • Gelli Arts® Stencils: Leaf, Circle, Roundabout
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Fabric Medium
  • Cotton Fabric (pre-shrunk if you plan on washing it)
  • Brayer
I hope that you all are keeping safe wherever you are during these safe and uncertain times.

If you have any questions, please do let me know! Have ever you tried printing on fabric before?

Take care and have a great day, friends!

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Teacher Appreciation Week With Sara M!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! 

We want to share with everyone how awesome art educators are! We know teachers work so hard to inspire their students to reach their full potential. 

Today, Sara M shares with us the many ways she teaches with the Gelli Arts® gel printing plate- check it out!

These images are from a guest workshop I taught for one 3-hour class at Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC. The goal was to introduce the students to a new way of creating monoprints and monotypes without the use of a traditional press. We explored using a variety of materials as resists to create multi-layered images. We all enjoyed the freedom of working quickly and intuitively to achieve results and the ease of printing by hand.

These samples were created before the Salem College workshop as sample ideas of how to use resists, layering prints, painting imagery on top of the plate, and cutting your own cardboard paint combs from old cereal boxes for mark-making.

These images are from my Art-o-Mat series. I started making these blocks in 2013 and still print them today. I use leaves from the same schefflera plant as a resist to create these blocks. Sometimes I ink up the leaves to add additional interest to the background. Most of these prints contain at least three layers of printing – sometimes more. I love the expediency of printing with the Gelli® plate and can print 6-8 blocks from the same 9 x 12” plate. The flexibility of the Gelli® plate really allows me to press the blocks into the surface to pick up fine details from the leaves or create interesting halo effects around irregularities in the stem. I also appreciate the ability to take the plate with me and print where-ever I like with the capability of cleaning everything up with water. When finished, it all packs away and stores easily without the need for specialized equipment to achieve beautiful results. 

Thank you Sara for sharing with us how you use your Gelli Arts® Gel Printing Plates!!

We encourage you to thank your teachers for all their hard work!

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Tracy Weinzapfel Is Taking Over The Gelli Arts® Facebook Page Again!

Have you heard? Our very own Artist Coordinator, Tracy Weinzapfel has been taking over our Facebook pages!  She has been creating up a storm and would love for you to join her!

She will be LIVE again on Wednesday, May 13th and is ready to take your questions.  She is going to hit the basics to inspire you to get you printing!

Tracy has a fun way of inspiring you and getting you to get creative! She runs and operates a membership for art journaling called Your Artful Journey! The doors to her membership are open now but only until Thursday May 7th.  You can check our her website here:

Her goal is to get you to be creative with fun, fast and easy projects!  She takes the overthinking out of things and uses her art journal as a safe space for creativity!

In case you missed her previous lives you can catch them on her YouTube channel!

Last week she created this fun and fast mini art journal:

The LIVE of this project can be seen here if you care to create along!

You can also catch her March 27th LIVE:

And she followed this up on April 15th!  Time to get those art journals out!

We want to hear what you would like to see next LIVE on our Facebook page!  Tracy is ready to answer questions and we will have GIVEAWAYS! (Tracy loves to do that plus this week is her 50th birthday week and she has been giving things away all week on her page!).

As an added bonus if you enter the Code: TracyW upon check out there is a special savings!  Now let's get ready to get creative!

Monday, May 4, 2020

Teacher Appreciation Week with Laura S!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! 

We want to share with everyone how awesome art educators are! We know teachers work so hard to inspire their students to reach their full potential. 

Today, Laura S from Saline High School shares a workshop she did with other teachers that was adapted from other lessons she did with her students:

"This project was taught during the professional development workshop for teachers in our district. We focused on creating gel prints for a large book cover, a small book cover, a junk journal cover, and valentines. 

There was a major paper selection for people to choose from. (Old Maps, book pages, tissue paper, tracing paper, cardstock, fabrics, various texture/color/weight papers) Prepped paper stations and materials for gel printing were in stations around the room. After providing a demonstration and material tour, teachers got busy setting up their work space. 

This workshop was an adaptation from various lessons I have taught to my 10-12 grade Art and Design & Drawing & Painting classes."

Thank you to Laura for sharing with us how you use your Gelli Arts® Printing Plates!!

We encourage you to thank your teachers for all their hard work!

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