Thursday, October 22, 2020

Spooky Books with GelliArts® Artist Kirsten Varga

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The spooky season is here and I wanted to make a little something to celebrate that spooky vibe. You know I love making books (and if you’re new here, well, I love making books!) and this was a perfect time to make some mini books that could be both decorative and useful. 

Journals printed with Halloween art

Journals printed with Halloween art

It’s been awhile since I broke out the bookboard to make 
a hard cover book so this was a fun project for me. When it’s a mini it makes things a bit easier (for me anyways). I ended up making SEVEN books!

Check out the video below for a peek into my process. Please note that this is not a comprehensive tutorial. I am still a beginner when it comes to making video tutorials so I have some links to fabulous video tutorials in the video description. 

If you want the nitty gritty details be sure to check them out!


Gelli Arts® Gel Printing Plate

Art Supplies

Liquitex Acrylic Paint

  • Gelli Arts® 8x10 Gel Printing Plate
  • Gelli Arts® Mini Texture Tools 
  • Brayer
  • Various found objects for making texture: cardboard tube, bubble wrap, sequin
  • Waste, cheesecloth-type fabric
  • Paper: paper bags, Japanese calligraphy paper, watercolor paper, kraft cardstock
  • Liquitex® Basics Acrylic Paint
  • Bookbinding Supplies: Bookboard
  • Rice Paper
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife/Cutting Mat
  • Binder Clip
  • Strong thread
  • Beeswax
  • Curved needle
  • Awl
  • PVA glue
  • Glue brush
  • Rulers
  • Book Press
  • Bookbinding Headband


  1. your project and video are wonderful to watch and so inspiring because you make it look so easy. thanks so much for possting.

  2. Loved this.....and so glad to see the use of headbands. It just gives the book such a lovely finished look. Thanks for the post!!

  3. I can't find the links for video tutorials of book binding. I like this technique and I'm anxious to realize it.

  4. The books look great and you made it seem so easy to do. Thanks.


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