Friday, January 17, 2020

Gelli Arts® + Liquitex® Collaboration - Blackout Poetry by Johanna Lawson


With the Gelli Arts® mini gel plates + Liquitex® basics acrylic paints.

Greetings Gelli Arts® creators! Jo Lawson here with some beautiful and inspiring colors from Liquitex® acrylic paints and my favorite mini gel plates. With the start of TWENTY -TWENTY, I wanted to take a moment to reflect and focus, rather than make resolutions I probably won't keep ... 

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For this project, I was inspired by the idea of process art. It is always nice to have a beautiful finished product, but most of the time, art is about the process - how you feel when you are creating something all your own. As a meditation and reflection to focus for the upcoming year, I decided to try some blackout poetry- gel print style.

"The words for blackout poems are already written on the page, but it's up to the blackout poet to bring new meaning and life to these words.

Blackout poems can be created using the pages of old books or even articles cut from yesterday's newspaper. Using the pages of an existing text, blackout poets isolate then piece together single words or short phrases from these texts to create lyrical masterpieces.

Creating a blackout poem involves steps that are all about deconstruction then reconstruction."

--John DePasquale (Scholastic)

After finding a book that was gifted to me years ago - a collection of fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen - I got to work collecting pages for my poems. Then, the fun really began! I created poems by masking the words, then gel printing on top. It was exciting to reveal the poem in the end. I often forgot the words I chose by the time I was done printing!

I hope you find this process as reflective and therapeutic as I did. It was such a great way to ring in the new year! I plan to take these little masterpieces and turn them in to postcards to send to my closest friends. Use this tutorial as a guide and then make it your own! Get creative! For a list of all products used in this project, please see the materials section at the end of this post.

This year, be a poet.

For the best instructions, please view the video tutorial above. Below are a few extra tips.

Start by scanning the pages of an old book or newspaper:
- look for anchor words that will focus your poetry. An anchor word is one word that stands out to you because it is packed and loaded with meaning and significance. Starting with an anchor word is important because it helps you to imagine possible themes and topics for your poem.

1. Once you have chosen your pages, cut them out of the book or newspaper.
2. Cut a small post-it note pad in to 1/8 inch strips (or whatever size fits your font).
- be sure to leave a little bit of the sticky stuff, as these will be your masks.
3. Now read the page of text in its entirety and use your post it note strips to cover any words or phrases that connect to the anchor word and resonate with you.
4. Let the printing begin! Start with light colors for the background bases.
5. Put the stencil down and print on top with a darker color to create contrast.
6. Continue to layer and fill the page until it is completely covered.
7. Let it dry and then lift the post it note masks to reveal your poem.
8. Add any embellishments - doodles, stamps, etc. - to give your poem extra panache!

Remember: this is about the process and how YOU feel creating the art and poetry.

Once you have a good stack of poems, do what you want with them… add them to a journal, use them in a mixed media piece, or, like me, create post cards and send them to the people you love and those who inspire you.

Various Gelli Arts® mini printing plates (circle, shell, triangle, square)
Gelli Arts® 4" Roller
Liquitex® Basics acrylic paints
Acrylic blocks for mounting plates
Book pages or newspaper
Scissors/cutting tools
Post-It notes
Various stencils

Head on over to my Instagram, YouTube and Facebook pages @smallbatchcards to see more of my tutorials and art.


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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Gelli Arts® + Liquitex® Collaboration - Mixed Media Journal Covers by Mansi Bhatia

Hi everyone!

Today I am making a mixed media journal cover with my Gelli Arts® gel printing plate and Liquitex® Basic Acrylics. I love working with these acrylics as they're so pigmented and smooth on easily on the gel plate.

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These journals make for beautiful gifts and can be easily customized. Please follow along the video with detailed captions on the process and let me know if you have any questions.

Step by Step:
- Add a bit of acrylic paint to the Gelli Arts® printing plate and use a brayer to spread it.

- Press the front and back of the journal firmly on the plate and pull a print. Use another color and add some stamps of your choice to pull layers of prints on both front and back covers. You don't need a lot of color. These Liquitex® acrylics are highly pigmented and spread smoothly.

- Keep creating layers of colors and patterns until you're satisfied with a base design.

- You can then add some additional colors and textures. I added some gold pigment ink for a hint of shimmer and then used Liquitex® glass beads texture gel. I then enhanced the texture further by painting with the same color I used in the base print. Note: the Liquitex® Glass Beads Texture Gel dries clear.

- I traced and cut out the same leaf shape on metallic gold paper and adhered that adjacent to the print impression.

- I added the same glass beads texture gel to half of the gold leaf and while it was drying, I enhanced the background with Stabilo water-soluble colored pencils.

- Now I put some super glue and added a gold twine for texture and interest. I added some more embellishing with a script stamp and Nuvo crystal drops.

- Now on to the back cover. I used some pigment and distress inks to give the print a more muted effect.

- I then sprayed some water followed by Tim Holtz Antiqued Brass Distress Spray Stain.

- For the last bit, I added Ranker Ink Enamel Accents, some more Nuvo drops and Jacquard Lumiere paints.

- Here is the final journal cover with the die cut word "memories" as a prompt to get started.

Here are links to all the products I used:
Gelli Arts® 6x6" gel printing plate
Liquitex Basic Acrylics
Craft Smart Gold Pigment Ink
Liquitex Glass Beads Texture Gel
Gold Shimmer Paper
Stabilo Woody Color Pencils
Gold Twine
Nuvo Crystal Drops
Newspaper Background Stamp
Memento Dew Drops Pigment Ink
Salty Ocean Distress Ink
Ink Blending Brush
Distress Mica Ink Antiqued Brass
Ranger Ink Enamel Accents
Jacquard Lumiere Rose Gold
"Memories" Die Cut
Sizzix Sidekick Die Cutting Machine

You don't need this assortment of supplies to create a customized journal... all you need is a gel plate, Liquitex® acrylics and your imagination to make something beautiful. I hope you have fun exploring.

See you next time!


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Gelli Arts ® + Liquitex ® Collaboration- Bold Graphic Prints by Tania Ahmed

Hello! Tania here. Today I partner two great products to create bold graphic prints using Gelli Arts® and Liquitex® paints.

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You can easily create bold graphic prints using items that you might already have and have forgotten about, like I had with these wooden alphabet stamps and chipboard die cut packaging. Using letters to create negative space in my prints helps to create a very strong focal point as well as giving balance to a print that might otherwise look busy. You can also see my process for how I maintain the bright colours in my prints by “colour blocking” the paint on my gel plate. 

The Liquitex® Soft Body Paints were perfect for this technique as they stay open/wet long enough for me to try different techniques on the plate! Watch the video below on how I create these prints.


-Use a hot glue gun to stick down wooden letters to a board. You can use foam, chipboard, or die cut stickers to make your DIY plates and stencils. Other items you can use are: chipboard stickers for texture, die cut leftovers, waste packaging from chipboard alphabets, or inexpensive alphabet stencils.

-Use the DIY texture tools to lift some paint off the Gelli® plate. Then pull a print. The amount of paint lifting off the plate will depend on what your plates or stencils are made of.

-Using die cut letters, spell out your chosen word in reverse. Leaving the letters in place will create a negative space with your word: try this out with bold, contrasting colours!

-Try and mix all the different texture plates and techniques to create your own graphic prints. You can even use your DIY stencils as stamps and apply paint on with a brayer.

-Aligning your paper with the sheet under the plate to line your prints up.

Even more prints to inspire you!


Thanks for stopping by!


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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Gelli Arts® + Liquitex® - Mixed Media Postcards & Envelopes by Sara Ferret

Sara here! Today, I'm sharing with you how I created fun mixed media postcards with envelopes using Gelli Arts® and Liquitex® products.

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Here is how these came to life:

I started playing with the 6x6" Gelli® Printing Plate, stencils and Liquitex® paints. I created some layers using a blank postcard and matching size envelopes to print on. I also used some Art Foamies stamps on the Gelli® Printing Plate to create different impressions.

Since the size of the postcards and the envelopes are smaller than the 6x6" Gelli Arts® Printing Plate, I placed white A4 cardstock on top of the postcards and envelopes to use as a protective layer for my hands when printing. Don’t throw this paper away, because we will use at the end!

When we have some postcards and envelopes printed, I organize my stash and pair up the matching ones.

I have chosen two pairs of postcards and envelopes. I stitched one of the postcards with my sewing machine.


I stamped the Cat Angel Stamp with black ink on that cardstock I used to protect my hands. And then I cut that out, using 3D foam squares to glue the cat in the postcard.

It’s super easy to do! I hope you try it! Tag us on social media if you try this project with @sara_ferret @gelliarts and #gelliarts

Have fun!!

  • 6x6" Gelli Arts® Printing Plate 
  • Liquitex paints
  • Brayer 
  • Stencil girl Stencils
  • Carabelle Studio Art Birgit Koopsen - A6 Cling Stamps-Cat Angel
  • Art Foamies Stamps
  • Black ink 
  • Blank postcard
  • Matching size envelopes
  • Sewing machine
  • Black thread
  • White A4 cardstock
  • Scissors
  • 3D foam squares

Monday, January 13, 2020

Gelli Arts® + Liquitex® Collaboration - Portraits by Alexa Doebler

Hello everyone! Alexa here to share my project for our Gelli Arts®️ & Liquitex® Collaboration. 

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Using Liquitex® Basics paint, I was able to create gorgeous, vibrant painterly portraits on my Gelli®️ plate. Check out the process here:

To create these portraits, I simply painted directly onto my Gelli®️ plate using Liquitex® Basics paint. I started with Mars Black to create my outlines.

Then, once that dries, fill in the color.

Next, use the Liquitex® Basics Transparent Mixing White over all the layers once dried. Roll it on with a brayer & remove until you have a nice thin layer.

Then, lay your Gelli®️ plate onto your paper. Press firmly & leave it to sit for about 5-10 minutes. Slowly, pull your Gelli®️ plate, easing it away from the paint that is now on your paper.

And you're done!

  • Gelli Arts®️ 5x7" printing plate
  • Liquitex® Basics Acrylic Paint in Transparent Mixing White, Pyrrole Red, Fluorescent Pink, Transparent Yellow, Rose Pink, Mars Black, Iridescent White, Purple Grey, Iridescent Graphite, Prussian Blue Hue, Lime Green, Parchment, Vivid Red Orange
  • Brayer
  • Paintbrush
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