Thursday, June 23, 2016

Gelli Arts® Vegetable Prints

Hello and welcome to the Gelli Arts® blog, today we are lucky to have Birgit Koopsen sharing a new project idea with us!

You probably all have seen or made prints using natural material like twigs, leaves and even flowers. But have you ever thought of Gelli® Printing with vegetables? It is so much fun and also a great thing to do with your kid!

Start by cutting all the vegetables so they are ready to use. Of course you can cut off only the parts you need for printing and use the rest for dinner. As soon as you start cutting your room will smell as if you’re making soup, yummy! So just plan to eat soup on the day you do vegetable Gelli® Printing. Two birds with one stone, right?! 

Watch the video here and then find some more ideas in the pictures below:

As you saw in the video I started with making simple patterns using cabbage. I’ve cut the cabbage both at the top and at the bottom, which gave me 2 very different “tools.” One big “flower” with lots of details and one smaller that looks like iregular nesting circles. I wrapped some packaging tape around the cabbage leaves so they wouldn’t fall apart.

By repeating the shapes you can create simple but interesting, organic patterns and I really like them.

Also in the video I used paprika. If you cut it at the top, close to the stem, it will give you a nice big flower pattern.

Celery also creates beautiful flowers when using the end part. The sticks create a fun half moon shape, which is fun to create smaller patterns with. You can also bind two sticks together with some packaging tape to create yet another pattern.

By combining vegetables like onion and celery, or adding herbs like thyme, you can create a complete “painting” of flower bulbs with flowers. These are my favorite prints and they are so easy and quick to make. If you are using regular acrylic paint instead of open acrylics then you can add a few drops of slow-dri blending medium so you have a bit more time to create a nice composition.

Aren’t they just beautiful? I like them so much that I think they are worth framing, what do you think?

Now, I hear you thinking… will the vegetables affect my Gelli® Plate, will they make the plate smell bad?
No, they don’t. Not even the onion! I cleaned my Gelli® Plate after printing with a baby wipe and it doesn’t smell at all.

So you are good to go and I hope this post inspires you to look differently at vegetables when grocery shopping.
Have fun creating unique, organic prints and I hope to see you again next month for more Gelli® Printing fun!

Happy printing!

Products Used:

8" x 10" Gelli® Printing Plate

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  1. Fabulous prints - the organic look is just delightful!!!

  2. Love these prints......great work Birgit! xxx

  3. This is absolutely awesome - Looks like so much fun.

  4. love it, especially the thyme

  5. The organic shapes given by the veggies are beautiful, another great print idea!
    And also a super excuse not to eat your 5 a day... "sorry my mum needed the vegs for her Art!"

  6. Absolutely awesome!
    Doing summer art camp for kids and this is just the fun twist I needed.

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  8. I'm not a big fan of eating cabbage and celery, so I might skip the soup ;) I absolutely love the way the bell pepper looks on your print. And the onion with thyme make a real piece of art! I love that you framed your prints!

    Xx Michelle

  9. oh, the memories this brings back! We used to do this when I was a child! It was so fun to go to the garden and get our "paintbrushes" and create then jump in the pool or under the sprinkler to clean off! So fun! Love how yours came out!

  10. I can remember years ago doing this same idea but with fabric paint on t-shirts and sweat-shirts. what fun
    stamping sue

  11. gorgeous prints! Thanks for the inspiration

  12. What a great idea Birgit and the results are simply amazing! Thanks so much for sharing and definitely one to try.
    Fliss xx

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  14. Absolutely LOVE it. Birgit is sooo talented.

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