Thursday, November 17, 2016

Gelli Arts® Printed Winter Garland

Hello and welcome to the Gelli Arts® blog. It’s Birgit back with a fun wintery project using the new Gelli Arts® Round Mini Kit.

Start with gathering all the necessary supplies. Here’s what you need:
Gelli Arts® Round MiniKit, Brayer, Acrylic paint – a variety of blues, white and black, a white acrylic marker, Fabric (unbleached canvas), Felt – Thick (about 0.5 cm), Stamps – Carabelle Studio SMI0123, SA70103 and SA70111, Beads, String Thread and Embroidery thread.

Take the Mini RoundGelli® Plate from the packaging and apply it to the plastic dish it came in. You can use it as an acrylic block and it turns your Gelli® plate into an easy to handle stamping tool!
Apply a little bit of paint to the plate and spread it with a brayer, then stamp the paint onto the fabric. Create 24 circles like this.

Let the paint dry, then use the comb and the punchanella (in the Gelli Arts® Round Mini Kit) to create texture. Add paint to the plate, make marks/remove paint and print on top of the 24 circles you made in the first step.

Use the plastic dish as an acrylic block and apply paint to the rubber stamps using a brayer. This way you will get a nice and even layer of paint. Use the stamp on half of the circles.

Use an acrylic marker to add white snowflake splatters to the printed circles.

Cut out the printed circles. Draw smaller circles on the felt and cut them out too. You need 12 of these.

Now it’s time to put the garland together. Thread some beads to a string, then lay 1 printed circle on the table, right side down, place the thread on top, going through the middle. Then place a felt circle on top of that, followed by another printed circle, right side up. Use a pin to hold everything together. Sew the circles together with a simple flat stitch, then thread some beads again and apply the next set of circles. Continue untill you've applied all 12 sets to the string.

Finish with some beads and your garland is ready. Perfect to decorate your house but also a great gift!

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and got inspired to create something wintery!

Happy printing!

- Birgit Koopsen

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  1. WOW!!!! Very creative!!! I LOVE it!!


  2. What a cracking idea!
    I love this idea - thank you so much for the inspiration :)

  3. Great tutorial and great inspiration. Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving.

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