Thursday, December 22, 2016

Gelli Arts® Printed Tealight Bags

Hello! Welcome to the Gelli Arts® Blog!
Birgit here today with a fun and simple project to bring some light to these darker winter days.

Add a unique and personal touch to your Christmas decorations by Gelli® printing on white paper bags and put tea lights in them!

Here’s what you need:
Thin white paper bags (for sandwiches)
Acrylic paint (for instance gold or silver combined with your favorite colors)
Printer paper
Small jars
Optional: Matte Medium + Flat brush

Before you start printing cut a bunch of snowflake shapes from printer paper.
Do a quick search on Google or YouTube and you will find loads of tutorials on how to cut these - check this tutorial out here!

Take some paper bags and open them carefully at the bottom or cut off the bottom strip so you have a bag with an opening on 2 sides.

Use a brayer to spread gold or silver acrylic paint on the Gelli® plate. These colors are translucent which will help make the light shine through beautifully and add a festive sparkle to the bags!

Place a paper bag at the edge of the plate and put your hands in from both sides. Now roll the bag towards yourself gently rubbing the paper with your hands. If you're using a larger bag you may have to go back and repeat this step until the entire bag is colored. 

Color a bunch of bags so you have them ready for the next step. Let them dry well then fold them back into the original shape.

Now take out the paper snowflakes.

Spread your favorite acrylic colors on the Gelli® plate and lay some of the snowflakes on top.

Then place a colored paper bag on top and gently rub to make the print.

Peel the paper snowflakes from the Gelli® plate. Don’t wait to long before doing this, when the paint dries it gets a little harder to remove the paper from the plate. Save the painted snowflakes for future use!

Another way of printing is using stencils.
Spread the paint on the Gelli® plate and lay stencils on top.
Of course you can now go straight ahead and make a print on a bag. But I like the second print much better than the first!  If you agree :) pull the first print with a regular piece of copy paper (save this print - you can use it for a collage paper later if you like!) and then take your second print with your white bag. 

Now remove the stencils from the plate and make a print from the remaining paint.
I really, really love this distressed look!

Make a variety of prints on all your bags. If at the end you have a couple of prints that didn’t turn out so well then they will probably be a great background for your painted snowflakes.
Use a matte medium to apply them to the bags.

Let the bags dry well and close the bottom again. Then roll down from the top and place a glass (jar) inside to hold a tea light.

Happy Holidays! J

- Birgit

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  1. Love thsi project! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Have you announced the December giveaway winner? The contest shows it is still open.

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