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How To Create Posters With Gelli Arts® Gel Printing Plates

Hi there! It's Marsha here today, showing you how you can create your own eye-catching posters that include text to help get your message across!

Think about all the fun possibilities: print a poster with motivational text to hang in your home, office, or classroom. Create party signs, make the advertisements for an upcoming event, or just commemorate words that mean something special to you personally!

Step 1
Use your favorite gel printing tools to pull a couple of light-colored background prints.

Place the Gelli Arts® gel printing plate of your choice on a smooth flat surface. I’m using the 9”x12” plate which is perfect for bleed prints on A4 and Letter size papers.

Roll a drop (or two) of acrylic paint on the plate with a brayer.

Here I’m using foam stamps as my texture tool. Press the stamp into the paint. Stamp the excess paint off onto a scrap sheet of paper.

Place your paper on top of the plate and rub with your hands to transfer the paint to the paper. Lift the paper.

Clean foam stamps immediately after use. Wipe the stamps with a damp cloth or rinse them under running water. Don't let paint dry on your stamps.

Step 2
Think about what you want your posters to say. Decide on the words: a quote, a slogan or maybe a song title. Write it out on paper.

Think about the composition too. Do you want just the words to fill the poster or do you also want to incorporate a graphic element?

Step 3
Cut out the letters.

Handwritten and hand-cut letters will make your poster uniquely you, but I’ve also found that letters cut from paper often stick to the gel printing plate so you may need to re-adhere them to your paper after each pull.

There are alternative options though! You can cut your letters from low tack stencil film instead of paper, you can write out your text with masking fluid, or you can use alphabet stickers.

Step 4
Position the letters of your choice on one of the light-colored background prints. Use repositionable adhesive to adhere hand-cut letters to the paper.

When using stickers, make sure to remove some of the stickiness before you adhere the letters to the paper. Merely placing the sticky side on a lint-free cloth before sticking them down will do the trick.

Step 5
Start printing layers!

Try to limit your color palette to a maximum of four colors including black and/or white. Use all of your favorite gel printing tools such as hand-cut masks, stencils, stamps, and mark makers.

Add as many printed layers as you like. The aim is to make all of the letters stand out, so cover at least the area around the letters and be sure to use colors that contrast with your light-colored background.

Step 6
End with a layer in the darkest paint color to make the words on the poster pop.

Step 7
Wait until the paint on your poster is dry and then lift the letter masks from the paper.

Remove any adhesive residue by rubbing with your fingers or use an adhesive eraser.

Use your favorite pencils, pens, and markers to enhance your prints. Add drop shadows or outlines if you feel the letters need a bit more help standing out.

Once you are happy with the results the only thing left is to find a place on your wall to hang the posters so everyone can see your message!

Enjoy your day!

Gelli Arts®:
9”x12" Gelli Arts® Gel Printing Plate
Gelli Arts® 4” roller
Gelli Arts® Square Edge Tools

Paper to print on (Drawing Paper 160 g/m2 A4 size: 5,8” x 8,3”)
Acrylic paint (Royal Talens Amsterdam)
Foam stamps (ArtFoamies designed by Nathalie Kalbach: Batik Pattern 3, Broadway, Downtown, Manhattan, Santa Fe, Toledo)
Paper to cut masks and stencils (Max. A3 size: 11.69” x 16.53”)
Pencil, pen or marker
(Fine tip) scissors
Craft knife
Reposition-able adhesive
Adhesive eraser
Alphabet stickers (Pickup Helvetica 30 and 40 mm)
Lint-free cloth

Stabilo All watercolor pencil
Water brush

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