Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Gelli Arts® and Hahnemühle Week featuring Alexa Doebler

Hey artsy friends! Alexa of Blue Woods Design here and today I'm sharing my collaboration project with GelliArts® and Hahnemuehle. 

I used Hahnemuehle's amazing Zig Zag Journal and my 8x10 GelliArts® Printing Plate to create this fun Rainbow Journal filled with borders & backgrounds all ready to create on!

To create these, I cut some card stock to about 5x7, then taped a piece of it on my journal page. I then rolled out my black paint, laid down my stencil & wiped away the excess through the stencil. (You could also pull the excess paint away with paper & create some amazing collage papers for future projects.)

When I took the card stock off, I was left with a gorgeous border. One side I did all black borders & the other side I created an ombre rainbow of borders. 

These could also be left open in the middle for writing, journaling, creating art, whatever! I love this idea for planners; adding a colorful interesting border around your calendar/to-do lists/etc.

I took it a step further and glued down the card stock on the flipsides. 

Check out the whole process here:


It's totally beautiful as is, but I'm sure I'll fill it with some of my girls and quotes. I'll be sure to share when I fill it!

Thanks! Hope you're inspired to create a flip book & borders with your printing plate!

Thank you Hahnemühle!


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